Thursday, July 06, 2006

Recapping the 4th

I took a few days off...but I'm back in the ergonomically correct computer desk saddle again.
The Fourth of July was a blast. I decorated the entry table, and the front yard (see pictures). Just a light touch compared to last year when we had a huge brunch and even the chandeliers got festive!

Bernie, Jeff and I blew up stuff twice-a "test run" on Friday night, and then Armageddon on the actual day. My hardest laugh of the year is always delivered courtesy of late teen males chasing each other through a vacant field firing roman candles at each other. This year a guy slipped and fell, his friend raced up and shot him as he lay. Hilarious!

Later I had a rocket zoom by just inches from my nose, the orange color and zinging sound was so invigorating! I jumped pretty far for a middle age gal. I truly feel sorry for people who haven't experience such unbridled and irresponsible firework mayhem. It is absolutely the best!

The Kingwood parade (which comes after the kid's fishing derby and bike decorating contest) is perfect. Home grown floats. One entry was the Kingwood "All-Girl Family Association" float, a flat bed truck done up in pink balloons and little girls in pink tee shirts, hair in a pony tail and BIG hair bows, and a huge sign reading "Daddy's Girl". Awww...cute!

Every car or float was tossing something; water bottles, candy, even frisbees. And then one truck came by and was tossing out rainbow striped popsicles. The little guy in front of us got one. He gleefully showed his mom, and then stuck it into his "goodie" bag, and went right back to viewing the parade, mindful that more goodies might be tossed at any second.

I had to laugh as his mom told him that he did need to eat that treat *right now*, as it would melt! See him in the next picture. Isn't he cute? And don't you just love the little patriotic hair bows on the girls?
Yes, life as it should be in America, right here deep in the heart of Texas!
Make plans NOW to come visit us next year! Yee haw!

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Ladygrande said...

Zoe and I went downtown Houston for the fireworks - traffic - rain -- but great view. Zoe loved it - it was her first BIG fireworks. Yours sounds more fun though.


Kate said...

Oh YIKES! Do be careful tho'. My Big Daddy lost an eye to a Roman Candle. Wouldn't want that to happen to you! Too many good things going on with those eyes!
K Q:-)