Friday, July 07, 2006

Millinery: A Travel Hat in Blue

Last week I ordered four "hoods"
(unblocked hats) from Leko. And today I went to town making my parasisol straw hats!

First step: Dunk the hood in a plain gelatin pack/1 qt. boil water mixture as a sizing.
Second step: In this case, with the blue hat, I pinched it flat, in layers, and then ironed it while it was still damp.
Third step: Decorate! (Recognize the trim?)
Fourth step: Hem the brim edge.
Fifth step: Put in a label (darn, I'm all out of labels!)
Sixth step: Wear to the store.
Seventh step: Blog all the fun!
This hat can be worn SO many ways! I want a peach colored one.
Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with the other hats!
And isn't Joan wonderful?

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Kate said...

Gorgeous!! Love the new mannequin and the blue hat! K Q:-)

Ladygrande said...