Friday, June 02, 2006

Millinery at midnight

Exercise has a peculiar effect upon me. Following any sweat producing exertion, I am unable to go to sleep at my usual time, and I gain weight and inches the following day. This first part is considered the bonus: Working out gives you more energy. The second I consider a reprimand: Vacuuming and weight lifting should be avoided at all cost.

Yesterday I vacuumed, lifted weighs, did ellipse training and swam. After going to bed at my customary 10 PM, I proceeded to toss and turn, as my mind was racing with thoughts of millinery. I’m sure most normal people experience this from time to time. At midnight I finally gave up, and got up, and allowed myself to drift into my hat room, to finish up the straw hat that I had mentioned in an earlier blog. The one I had blocked on the bowl from Marshalls.

My hand stitching was less than exemplary, but I did finish attaching the silk scarf that my mom had gotten me years ago at a garage sale. It functions as a tie back, securing the hat to the back of the head, rather than under the chin, as most people would guess.

Then I allowed myself some fun. I had been eyeing the directions to make the 3 Minute Hat Pin Rose for the last few weeks. This is a millinery method used in the 1920’s to create a temporary hat trim, allowing hats to be easily redressed, to co-ordinate with various outfits in a time efficient and economical manner.

Except that I was planning to make the trim permanent. In addition to the rose, I created a matching ruffle and sprigged it (Ha! For those of you who get the pun…) with gold stamen. I am currently all about stamen. They just make ribbon flowers come to life.

By 2 AM I had created the perfect trim. Usually projects completed in the wee hours (and judged lovely at the time) are subject to review, and a seam ripper, in the cold light of dawn.
Not so this time! I promise I will post a picture of this yet unnamed creation soon.

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riptideselkie said...

Lol, while i can't admit to milinery minded midnight musings, i must thank you profusely for at least alleviating my current state of boredom momentarily. You sound like a fun person. I hadn't been aware people still made hats by hand, makes sense but sometimes it feels like everything is automated these days. The had described in the post sounds cool. It'd be awesome to see a pic. Anyway, hope you're having a great day!-- oh and just a suggestion, i noticed you hadn't put a type protection on your comments, i suggest it cause when i first signed up i didn't either and i got mobbed with spam comments. with the protect only real people can leave comments.