Wednesday, May 31, 2006

June 1, 2006

Amazingly, half of the year 2006 is over. It is time to start something new, namely, in this case, a blog. So here's to my blog, which is dedicated to expressing myself about what is happening in my world. Those who know me regularly beg me to publish. You know who you are, and you must now shoulder the blame, or the glory, of yet another person nattering away in written form.

Expect millinery motivated musing, garden updates, research revelation, weather reports, and random observations of life as viewed through the eyes of a 52 year old woman. Who I am, for those who for some odd reason have stumble upon this URL, (probably thanks to Google blog search), is best summarized as follows:

Second Generation San Diegan, now living in beautiful Kingwood Texas, a forested community above Houston.
I have a BS in Home Economics Communications from Oregon State, and a Masters degree in Library Science from Texas Womans University.
I currently work part time as a reference Librarian for a community college.
I've been happily married to Bernie for 29 and 1/2 years.
We have two children, Laura, a cancer nurse (I am to lazy to look up the technical name), who currently lives in San Diego, and Jeff, who sells insurance products to credit unions in Salt Lake City.
My parents and Bernie's parents all live in San Diego.
Three cats shed in our home: Tiggie, the orange cat who worships Bernie, Tidbit, the multicolored wide load girl, and Hart, the grey and white "kid".

As promised, a beginning weather report: heavy rain and thunder.
As to millinery, I have two hats needing lining (Daphne style, for my hat friends), and a straw needing a silk behind the head tie scarf added. It was blocked on a bowl purchased at Marshalls!
As to research: Watching the Avian flu in Indonesia very carefully.
As to gardening: The volunteer cherry tomatoes are flourishing, almost chest high.

My fondest hope is that this blog will be a witness to a peaceful happy life, and that any and all readers will be in the midst of the same peacefulness in their world. Which is probably the only state of being that will allow anyone to have time to read this stuff anyway!


Anonymous said...

HI mom!!! Great blog! And excellent use of spell check and utilization of your "research".....'cancer nurse'.... cute.
I'm your #1 fan!!!! besides dad!

Friend Gail said...

How glorious to read your "blog." You are such a cutting edge friend!

Friend said...


Melanie said...

Not to be too much of a scold, but the year will be half over tomorrow, July 1st!

Lovella said...

Hi Jill, If you have checked your site meter today, you are perhaps wondering what is Lovella reading so voraciously today. Well, i couldn't possibly read everything you've written in one morning. I wanted to see Jeff. You said my family looks normal. Your family looks normal as well. If fact you have a very nice looking family. I loved seeing all your hats and went with you to Salt Lake City on your vacation. There is much more to read and perhaps when i have a spare moment or two I'll delve deepr into your blog.