Wednesday, May 31, 2006

June 2, 2006: A thankful heart that there was just a cat this morning.

Today there are new things to be thankful for. For instance, that this morning when I went to use the bathroom, there were no buffalo blocking my way. Not everyone on the planet can boast of that. My son can't, for instance. He camped over Memorial Day weekend on an island near The Great Salt Lake, and when, as he reported to us last night, he got up in the morning and ambled the 100 yards to the rest room, he discovered that a buffalo was already in line for the facilities.
There was a warning sign posted, stating that buffalo can be aggressive at times (perhaps before their first cup of coffee?) and that one should not aggravate buffalo in any manner. I would wonder what would constitute aggravating a buffalo. They are rather large, so they could afford to just be "big" about etiquette miscues. Like that whole mass slaughter on the frontier in the 1800's thing. Just move on, I say. Your genetic line was not compromised. Proof: You are here today! Look, you get to hang out in parks now, and have signs forbidding folks from bothering you. No one does that for me. People bother me all the time. But I get over it. So can you.

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Anonymous said... closest encounter with nature was that of a giant palm leaf, which ambled upon a path to get to know me...or was it me that was ambling along the path?
face, meet leaf. wish i had a kittie.