Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring/Winter...Here/There...Take Your Pick.

As I work I glance out the window and the seasons seem to change with every look.
When the skies darken, I have a harder time looking away than when the skies are a sunny blue.
Southern California living for over 40 years delivered more than my share of blue skies.
Storm clouds were a reason to gawk!
And gawk I have, in Dallas and Houston where dark skies might bring downpours, lightening and thunder, and from time to time, a funnel cloud warning to heed.
Here in Salt Lake dark clouds rarely bring as much drama.
But I still secretly hope for a bit of a weather show.

Yesterday I finished up my work around three.
Bernie was finished with his work assignments as well.
We decided to hit the road and go west to explore an area where he had never ventured before.
We skirted the edge of the Great Salt Lake, chatting about this and that as the sky played games with clouds and sunshine.
When a green cloud appeared ahead of us we took special notice.
As it turns out, a green cloud sometimes brings a funnel cloud.
A green wall of clouds definitely means a tornado is in the works.
We had seen such things on weather shows and once on a sunny day in the San Jose California area we saw such a green wall cloud and remarked that it surely wasn't the same kind of green wall cloud that we had seen on weather shows.
That night on the news we learned that a tornado had indeed speared out the sky and taken out a bit of a local neighborhood.
Well then.
That got our attention.
Later we noted in Texas that the green cloud was a signal that a tornado was a-brewing.

I won't keep you in suspense.
No funnel cloud disturbed our travels this time although there were plenty of droopy cloud bits that looked like they were practicing tornado formation skills.

Salt Lake does have tornadoes.
One year one raced up one of the downtown main streets and blasted out an ancient grove of trees that stood aside the state capital.

No worries for us though.
The clouds were just interesting to watch form and reform over and over again.

The Salt Lake was an amazing turquoise color that reminded me of Lake Louise a bit.

Also stirred memories of lakes that we saw in Switzerland.

So funny to think how long we flew to see such sights in Switzerland and now we can take a 30 minute drive or less and see scenes of equal beauty.

Places on the lake had some small waves.
Not enough form for surfing though.
Plus the water temperature and the air temperatures match.
A dip in 32 degree water?
No interest.

The best part of the area to the west of us is that it also has mountain ranges to be viewed in every direction.
I like how the snow coverage stripes on the mountainsides.

A sign and some houses between it and the mountain gives perspective on just how big this mountain range really is.
By the time we got home all the snow at our place had melted.
No snow was forecast for Saturday.
I wondered if this storm would be the last snow of the season.

The sound of a snow plow woke me up early Saturday morning.
A peek out the window show about six inches of new fluff outside!
And color me happy...the snowflakes had form!

Three potted primroses sat on our deck coffee table gathering flakes that just begged to be photographed.

A Valentine apology for the season that flirts shamelessly between winter and spring.

Same snowflake shot three tiny and perfect!

So fun to have color behind the flakes after working all winter with glass lens for backdrops.

More flakes are falling as I type.
Ohhhh....gotta go see them up close!
(Again, apologies to the winter weary. Believe me when I report that Utah snow is nothing like the snow that sits heavy and wet with below zero temps that try one's soul elsewhere!)
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Sara said...

This was a thoroughly enjoyable post, Jill, and I love all the scenes you have captured for us with your lens. I, too, think snowflakes look especially lovely resting on those beautiful vivid colors (love the heart with its "diamond" flake!)

Tornadoes in SLC - interesting. And I never knew about green clouds before either. There have actually been one or two small tornadoes just south of us here in the beach communities in recent years. I'll know now to keep an eye out for green clouds.

Sara said...

Well, I just wrote a nice long comment and forgot I wasn't signed in and now have lost it. Let's see if I can reconstruct . . .

This was a thoroughly enjoyable post, Jill, and I appreciate all the scenes you have captured for us with your lens. I, too, think snowflakes look especially lovely resting on those beautiful vivid colors. Love that petal heart with it's snowflake diamond too.

Tornadoes in SLC - interesting. I never knew about green clouds. There have been a couple small tornadoes in our general beach cities area in recent years. I'll know now to watch out for green clouds.

Vee said...

...and it tastes like vanilla, too? :D it does tickle me that you are still having fun. It spit snow all afternoon. It made me feel cold and depressed. That is a sure sign of being winter weary. Beautiful photos of a beautiful spot on earth. Keep having fun!

ellen b. said...

I do enjoy your enjoyment of snow. Well I've finally seen the Alps and I can see what you mean about your mountains being as dramatic!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Primroses and snowplows...they seem to go together. Enjoy your flakes while they last...and keep the photos coming!

Pondside said...

Gorgeous - spectacular mountain and lake photos.
Every primrose needs a nip of frost or a snowflake to keep its reputation as the first of the spring flowers.

Lovella ♥ said...

I thought Lake Louise as soon as I saw your Salt Lake. it is so beautiful in your area no matter what season it is. I'm so glad that you and Bernie can organize your days now and then to end at the same time and still take in a drive date.