Monday, March 18, 2013

New Chapters

Every two years I find myself once again at a decision point:
What kind of glasses frames do I want on my face this time?

Over my 40+ years of glasses wearing I've had black wire frames, many shades of tortoise shell, brown with turquoise in back, brown with pink in back, black with blue in back, and most recently, deep purple with lime green in back.

Getting new glasses is like turning an internal page to a new chapters in life.
For awhile I have been feeling the urge to indulge in some really bold glasses, in either red or orange.
When it came time to choose a new pair, I finally found just the right pair to make the bold move.
The designer: Prodesign: Denmark: 
same designers as my last frames.

After I got them I realized just how much red I already had in my wardrobe.
Red down jacket, red purse, red cord jeans, red turtleneck, red flannel pjs.
The red frames went well with my every day black or grey turtlenecks and my white blouses too.
Blue, green, yellow...every color seemed to work with the red.
Could red really be a "goes with everything" color?

Red glasses seem to match my mood, whether it be sporty, glam, or just out of the hot tub grungy.

The most curious part of the whole deal was trying to find some guidance on make-up colors to wear with red glasses.
Should I go face neutral, with pale lips and blend in beige blusher?
Or go with intense red lips and ??? blusher?
I did a google search and found absolutely nothing on the subject.
Not one helpful tip anywhere!
How odd is that?
I finally asked a make-up pro; she voted for bright red lips and mauve or mocha blush.
After buying about five shades of red lipsticks I found that I liked the bright red lips with the frames.
I liked a mocha pink too...
and orange.

So the frames are one part of the new chapter in my life.
The next three months I will be involved in a project that will be keeping me pretty busy.
It already has kept me away from blogging much as I underwent on line training the past couple of weeks.
Last week I was sent to California for five more days of training; this week I will begin doing educational assessments of Salt Lake City area second graders as part of a nation wide study that follows American children from Kindergarten to fifth grade.
The same study is done every ten years when a sampling of kindergartner's are selected.
Each spring the child is assessed on reading, math and science.
Their parents are surveyed about the child's home life.
The assessment with each child takes about two hours (and second graders are the sweetest!) while the parent's survey takes about 40 minutes.
Some of the results of the Kindergarten study year are already on line.
If you are interested, you can read about the study HERE.
I am hoping that I will have as much fun as I think I will have doing this project.
For better or for worse, the next few months may be pretty busy.
Busy is good!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Great new chapter...both the frames and the 'new job'!

Lovella ♥ said...

I love this new chapter of your life. It sounds funny saying this but I think you are so well suited to this position. Grade two kids really are the sweetest. For many years I was Primary department head of our Sunday School department...grade 1-3 and those children are so endearing.
Your new frames are also just as well suited to you! So fun.

Vee said...

Sounds like a fun project! Your glasses look great!

Sara said...

You look great in red and it really brings out the blue in your eyes too. Have fun with the job!

Vicki said...

I still think you look fab in your red glasses! It almost makes me want to go back to glasses...well, almost.

I'm tickled that you have a job that sounds right up your alley. I love that age group, too. You'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to hearing some of your comments and reactions!

Marg said...

I love that red look on's fun how one can get carried away with a new color. I'm still wearing the same glasses from 2005. It's time for a change...badly...
Have fun on your new project. That should be fun and keeps one motivated.

ellen b. said...

Some fun new things happening in your new chapter. Those kids will love you! I think it's about time for some new glasses from me, too.