Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring 2013: Day 2

The last day of winter looked like this in our garden.
The first day of spring...grey and rainy.

Second day of spring: Behold!

Someone once said:

"March I hate you; you are holding hands with Spring but married to Winter."

Personally, I would be really bummed if March (and April and May and June for that matter)
didn't have some snowfall.
Snow and spring flowers look so wonderful together!
Spring, we need it but it doesn't do much for me.

Crocus in snow.
I. Love. It.

Their little white caps are cuter than cute.

Crocus play the snow!

I think the first time I ever saw crocus in the snow was in Edinburgh Scotland.
The multi colored blooms on white looked like sprinkles on white cake frosting.

OK...I got carried away with taking pictures, again.

The temperatures have been in the 60s here lately so the ground is still quite warm.
It is interesting to see what surfaces held the heat and melted all snow that touched it.

Cotton batting, cotton balls...

Blue skies alternated with grey skies today.

A spin around the garden after making work related calls was made for a nice break.

Tate and Frenchie joined me outside.

Frenchie is very careful of her white boots as she carefully picks her way through the snowy paths.

The little crook on her tail says she likes being outside with me.

Tate is sometimes careful and sometimes not.

The japanese maples are sure pretty in the snow.

Frenchie kept very close to me...

The downside of having an 80 ft. tall sequoia in our back yard:
Those brownish things are barbed bits that stick to cat fir and will prick one's finger if touched.
Messy thing it is.
Sequoias really belong together in their own space where cats don't brush into their droppings!

Tate hunked down beneath the japanese maple and watched Frenchie's every move.

At one point he was clearly considering pouncing...

I kept taking photos of the crocus.
Did you know that 10% of all photos ever taken were taken in 2012?
Wonder how many of them were of flowers?

Tate: Wonder how many of them were of cats?
Tate: There probably wasn't enough cat pictures taken.
I think he's right.
Doing my part to correct that oversight in 2013 at least!

(My apologies for this post to all those who are done, done, DONE with snow due to the heavy snowfalls that fell on the Northeastern part of our country.  Sadly, I  think our storm is headed your way next and it is supposed to be a Palm Sunday doozie.)


Grandma G said...

Loved your photos! They make me smile. Beautiful cats! My tulips are barely peeking out of the ground, but they're probably wishing they weren't. It's gotten down to 6 degrees the last couple nights. :(

For Tate: Probably at least 50% of my photos are of cats. :)

Lorrie said...

We've not had one single flake of snow this winter and I'm VERY disappointed. Now it's cold, chilly spring until June. Your snow covered crocuses do look sweet under their top hats. Beauty is everywhere!

ellen b. said...

it's great that you and Tate love the snow!

Pondside said...

You certainly love snow!
We have had a near-record lack of snow on the Island this year and that suits me fine! We lived so many years in snow places that I always appreciate a snow-less winter. In northern Alberta it snowed every month but July - and even in that month the nights were in single digits!

Anonymous said...

Nothing blooming here yet. The bulbs are pushing through the snow, but no flowers.
It doesn't seem like Palm Sunday!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

We had hail/snow yesterday for a bit...just after I decorated the 'Easter tree' with the grands. Yes...the blooms look quite pretty with a white backdrop...but I'm quite willing to wait until next winter for my 'white' now. Enjoy the SLC spring...and keep us posted!

Vee said...

You can keep it. Really. I insist. Actually, we have no complaints as the storm will slip off well south of us. Yay. I loved seeing your crocuses and your cats in the snow!