Saturday, August 04, 2012

yummy snack

So have you discovered these things yet?
I sampled the caramel ones at Whole Foods and was instantly hooked.

They are crackers...or perhaps wafers is a better term.

Thin as a nickel...

Something like ten calories each.
May I just say that a smear of goat cheese and a sliver of honeydew melon on the caramel flavored ones is to die for.
Goat cheese and strawberry on the cracked pepper variety (not pictured) is awesome.
A dab of this and that and let your imagination run wild...
The Chocolate wafer with a smear of whipped marshmallow and a raspberry.
Rosemary wafer with cream cheese and watermelon.
Cinnamon with a peach slice...or banana and peanut butter?
All of them are delicious plain too.
Sometimes I just want a munchy cookie to go with my milk or ice tea or coffee.
Four wafers or maybe five work to fill the need.
Just passing the tip along.
And trust me...the caramel is crazy good if you are a fan of caramel.
Tastes like someone make a caramel into something crunch.
In fact, at first taste I thought they had melted a caramel and kept melting it until it got crispy.
Hope they sell them near where you live!


RoeH said...

I'm on my way to Whole Foods!

Sara said...

Sounds really tasty....I'll keep my eye out for these. Love the Whole Foods store but don't go there often enough!

Rosella said...

I'm on my way too - sure hope they sell them in Ontario!! Your descriptions and suggestions sound divine!

Pondside said...

I'll have to wait until I'm back on your side of the border, where I think the closest Whole Foods is in Lynnwood....but I'll be on a mission for them!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think I'll get Pondside to bring me some from Lynnwood! By the time I get to the USA at the end of October, I will have long forgotten about these tasty little bites. Thanks for sharing.