Thursday, August 02, 2012

Another lovely day...yawn.

So here it is, the second day of August.
(Be prepared...not a lot happened today....)
Luke was dropped off at 8 am.
Bernie and I had coffee out on the deck while it was still cool.

Tate joined us too.

Luke got scratchy Grandpa kisses then Bernie went to work in his office downstairs.
The rest of the cats went with him.

Luke kicked back for a bit, then we tried swinging in the hammock.
Usually he falls asleep that way.
After he woke up, Bernie and I harvested green beans, yellow beans and purple bean, broccoli, tomatoes, and one white eggplant from our garden.
(Am I boring you yet?)
The three of us played a round of "Bowling for Cats".
That involves tossing the apples that have fallen from our apple tree across the lawn for whatever cat is in the yard to chase.
It really is a fun game.
Especially when you aren't sure exactly how many cats are in the yard while you are doing it.
Sometimes neighbor cats join in the fun, exploding out from under bushes to chase the apples flying along.

Luke took another nap then we three went to the airport to drop Bernie off.
He's in San Diego for a couple of days.

I drove up Mill Creek Canyon while Luke took another nap on the way home.
He got fed, then we visited with the 3 and 2 year old girls next door for a bit.
Jeff came by and collected his boy.
I went outside again...alone this time.

The apples are weighing heavily on the tree right now.

Seems like an awful lot of them are falling off the tree while just a bit larger than a golf ball.
The ground is littered with red globes that add color to the shady green garden beneath the tree. 

Around six pm.
I swear it has been topping off at 100 degrees ever since June 1st.
This totally demotivates me.
(I got gardening done early yesterday morning and after that and a trip to Chick-fil-a, little else was done).

For awhile I sat and tried to photograph the hummingbirds that feed every few minutes.

I've taken better hummer shots with my point and shoot camera.
After a few minutes I decide it really is too hot to stay outside to do photography. 

Heading downstairs to the computer where it is much cooler, I wake Tate up.
He yawns...

And yawns...

And yawns...
(He actually yawned six times in a row.  Too bad a cat's yawn isn't really very cute.)

Eventually he got off his blanket and took a stretch before going back to sleep...this time on the floor.

Are you shocked at how boring a truly lovely day can be?
Dog days of summer are here.
So what exciting things are you doing?
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Vee said...

Not at all the photos...from sweet babe's face to kitty yawns, it was all good. My kind of day actually. Are you gathering up apples for a project or anything? Probably too hot for a project.

ellen b. said...

Oh what a fun new dimension in your lives with little Luke! Love his expressions! Happy to hear someone else throws their apples around instead of cooking, baking and canning them!! I would melt if it was inching toward 100! We are being threatened with heat this weekend...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Tell Bernie he suits the grandpa role just fine! Very sweet pictures of Luke. Your 'boring' day sounds about perfect.

Pondside said...

I love those boring days....bring them on, with grandbabies, gardening and games with cats. I'll take that sort of boredom any day.

Lorrie Orr said...

What a lovely summer day - full of love and relaxation, and just enough productivity to make it worthwhile.

Such sweet expressions on Luke's face.

Kathie said...

Girlie - you and Luke need the beach!!

RoeH said...

No boredom here. With that cute little guy, how can we not enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not boring at, love, a beautiful grandchild to enjoy, fun cats, and birds to watch. Maybe a bit too hot, but otherwise great!!! Thanks for sharing and for the photos of a beautiful growing Luke. SW VA Farm Gal and Retired Librarian