Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Utah-Wyoming-Colorado Clouds

Not much needs to be said..just photos of the clouds that we saw as we drove to Colorado and back again plus a few random other things.

(If you would prefer, you can click HERE to see the pictures full screen in a slide show format instead of scrolling through this post.)

Another Calendar Boy shot...

This cloud looked like a tsunami wave coming at us from the sky.

Both eerie and beautiful!

See the bird snacking on flower seeds in the middle of the roadside flowers?

All the cloud pictures were taken while Bernie was driving; no stops along the way just for photos, we had a long drive ahead of us.

The scattered showers produced huge grape sized raindrops that splatted loudly as they hit our windshield.

We kept say "" as we drove.
One the way home we listened to nine hours of the audio book "Wisdom of our Fathers" by Tim Russert.
It consisted of short letters written by people about their fathers.
Between us choking up and mopping tears and being rain on, it made for a rather damp travel time.

Just awesome....and there was lightening too.

This was the most unusual cloud I had ever seen.
It was like a thin veil drooping below the puffy clouds overhead and we could see through it.


Not sure if this was in Wyoming or Utah.  We were still about three hours from home. 

The cloud shape kept changing and the rays continued to beam out.

Back in Utah.

It might be August before all the snow pack melts!


Vee said...

This made for an incredible slide presentation. I never realized how many shades of blue there are. There were many kinds of clouds that I've never seen before. I did see my poodle Molly in one of the formations. ;>

Beautiful photography, Jill. Truly exceptional!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You amuse yourself well while traveling! Great shots.

And listening to audio books on road trips...a good pastime!

Vicki said...

Absolutely awesome pictures, Jill! You know me and the sky and it!

ellen b. said...

Oh such gorgeous skies! Loved all the shots Jill!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What a breathtaking drive that much big sky and wide open scenery...and all of it so beautiful! Sigh.

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill. .those sky pictures are stunning. It was amazing to me that you could take those all through the windshield. The bugs didn't hit your windshield or your camera decided to overlook them. Did you shoot them all in automatic or where you playing with the settings at the same time.