Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Other Royal Wedding

It didn't seem to cause quite the stir that the UK royal wedding produced, but let me go on record as saying that the Monaco wedding crowd waxed the UK wedding crowd in the millinery arena.

Click HERE to see the hats with the names of some of the people that worn them to the last weekend event.

I am giving the following hats applause:

2-The double brim!  The airy trim!  The dye that fades in lovely tones.  Sigh. Perfect!

5-The silver grey hat with artful suitable for a classy older woman.

6-Navy and navy feathers...I can just picture how the hat looked when the wearer looked slightly down.

7-Another navy, huge brim, just perfect with the off the shoulder dress.  Wow'd her blue eyes too!

9-Love how the light plays through the horsehair brim, not sure that the hat and dress were right together.

10-Red and black and the weave, style, EVERYTHING works. 

11-Bright honeysuckle pink cut and sew hat, with a butterfly.  She nailed the whole look!

12- It reminded me of a single rose petal, and I'll bet it was perfect with the entire outfit.

13-Wish I could have seen a bit of the outfit that went with this triple circle bit of fun.

14 -Oh the lemon yellow wonderfulness from head to toe!

20-Aqua hats look so cool and fresh, and this hat looks lighter than air.

21-The bling on the hat was just right. The fabric, nylon horsehair, makes for a very warm hat though.
22-The matching fabric in the hat and suit...the fabric is so amazing, and the hat designer rocked it!

23-If one is going to wear black to a wedding, then they had better have a look like this one.

26-Love the hat style, not too crazy about it with that dress...or maybe she is just too petite? Or she is wearing it too low on her face?

27-A turban!  A lime green suit with matching turban!  How refreshing and chic, just as a Empress should look.

30-The Duchess's dress: Amazing.  Great hat...could have had a bit of bling to tie it to the dress.

32-Such a lady like outfit.  Like the hat, but find it a bit stiff with the draped front of the dress.

I have questions and wonders about:
16-Asian lass looked quite facinating in the muted flower vase hat. Is it really a vase shape with an opening?

19-The dude has guts to wear that hat. 

24-Black veiling at a wedding?
I thought I was the only one who did that...
Isn't she total "oo-la-lah!"
I want to drop/tip the hat lower on her forehead though.

28-Great hat...with too much competition from the hair and bangs.  Hats don't play well with big hair.

29-A black and white tulip?  Probably looked smashing in person...she's the niece of a very famous designer, the small gent next to her.  Name starts with Arm...i

Other hats left me saying "meh" or "eww".

So, which hat was YOUR favorite?
Oh and I did love Princess Kate's Canada Day hat too!


ellen b. said...

Boy! I totally missed this wedding event. I think the duchess is my favorite overall!

Ro said...

Wonder why the media was so sparce on that wedding. I'd have gotten up and watched that one, too. I didn't know about it until it was done and over with.

And yeah. Great hats.

Vee said...

It's awful to confess, but I am far less charitable than you when it comes to hats. I like only two of these.(Good these gals know how to stand properly? One looks as if she's in urgent need of the facilities.) Anyway, my favorites are the first, which I think is extraordinarily beautiful and the lemon yellow one, which though it is my favorite color, I also like because of the design. Have I ever told you that I don't wear hats because I look awful in them? My niece has the most amazing face for hats and can carry almost anything. I'd love to see her wearing either of the ones I mentioned. A lot of fun to see these selections.

Where are the bride and groom? Oh, wait! I saw a clip of the bride weeping through a musical selection. I might have wept, too, if my groom had been hers. My, my, I am uncharitable. What's gotten into me?! I need a happy pill. ☺

Vicki said...

I love the bright yellow and the cool aqua hats, but I think my favorite is the double-brimmed beige-colored one! Those too-high-heeled shoes blow me away! The last time I tried wearing heels like that was at Laura's wedding...and they came off as soon as the ceremony was over!

Dolores said...

The Duchess of Cambridge 'rocked' with her Canada Day fascinator.
On your list, I liked the first navy one with the feathers. I'm partial to blue and this one just said 'elegance' to me. I think the hat #26 is wearing would have looked better had she worn a suit. It does look a bit heavy with her little dress. Sometimes you wonder if people look in a full-length mirror at all.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I missed that thanks for the review. Lots of great hats!

And my favorite...Princess Kate's Canada Day number!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh. .the lemon yellow freshness was my favorite for sure. ..thanks for all the hat photos. ..I so enjotyed them.