Tuesday, February 08, 2011

High Winds

A slightly different view of Mt. Olympus this morning.
The winds are blowing, and last night's snow is being offered back up into the heavens. 
The white specks in the picture are flakes of blowing snow illuminated by the sunshine.

Darn it...I knew that one dangling branch that the tree trimmers didn't cut would bother me. 
The canyon cleft spewed snow in wild whirling patterns.
I still haven't decided if the aura over the mountain is blowing snow back lit by the not yet risen sun, or a cloud just edging over the mountain top.
These pictures were shot from inside, through the breakfast area window.
I was savoring my coffee too much to head outside into the wind.
Eventually I gave in to the need to get a better picture, only to realize that there was at least ankle high snow on our deck, which meant I needed to pull on my snow boots.
By the time I had the boots on, the sun had crested over the mountain, and that made picture taking impossible.
I could have waited until the sun rose high enough to get out of picture, but by then the back lit snow effect would no longer been seen.
Oh well...I still got to enjoy the snow drama during my breakfast and captured enough of what was out there for you to get a taste of what I was seeing  too.

(Laugh of the day so far: I got an email from Nordst*ms, promoting their spring collection, which is being advertised as a return to " '70s glam".  If you lived through the '70s as an adult, perhaps you are just as puzzled as I am about what exactly was "glam" about the '70's style.  I had to look...it was the maxi skirts and very wide flare pants.  My eyes are crossing here...those fashions were decidedly so not glam!)


Vicki said...

I heard that wide-leg pants were making a fashion comeback. I always thought of Alley Oop when I saw those pants. Now I'm giving away my age...how many people under 30 actually know who Alley Oop is/was?

Those pictures are so neat with the blowing diamonds...snow...in the sunlight!

ellen b. said...

Hippie glam...
Very cool shots Jill. It's nice that you have that view with your morning coffee.If I ever had a house built I'd position all the windows at the best views. My best sunset views are from my little master bathroom window. I take the screen off and hang out as far as I can to get the shot.

Lovella ♥ said...

So thats next then? Maxi skirts and wide pants? Oh boy.
I love the mountain shots, I guess you'll have to invest in some knee slippers.

Anil P said...

The aura or halo appears to be blowing snow, more of a guess than an assertion, and what a wonderful character it brings to the mountain along the ridges.