Thursday, June 03, 2010

Chirp, chirp, tweet....

It is going to be hitting the 80+ degree mark this weekend. To celebrate, I got my hair cut to just below chin length, the shortest I have had my hair in like ten years.

I'm thinking of asking the neighbors over for some sangria on the deck, if it can be worked in around B's deck upkeep painting intentions.

A nice thick Elizabeth Goudge novel is at the ready for me, the camera battery topped off, and aside from a trip to the grocery store to get the usual things, I am ready for the weekend to begin.

In would already be started, except I took a long lunch break for the hair cut and so I'm staying a longer to make up the time. (Killing time by writing this post, which I wouldn't be doing if there was anything else to be done....)

Back home I know the birds are awaiting me.

The Lazuli Buntings are getting to be regular visitors now.

The bunting's song is wonderful. You can listen to it HERE....and envy me!

For those of you who are going to be stubborn and not click on the link and listen: some fun factoids from Cornell University about Lazuli Buntings:

Male Lazuli Buntings two years of age and older sing only one song, composed of a series of different syllables, and unique to that individual.

A group of buntings are collectively known as a "decoration", "mural", and "sacrifice" of buntings. Personally, I'd be happier if they would make up their minds about the bird's collective noun. I definitely think "sacrifice" should be out. What noun do you think should be used for this lovely little bird? )

The cute little chickadee: Factoid: they add more "dee dee dees" to their calls when danger is near, and other birds pay attention to their call as well.
The tiny bird can lay up to 13 eggs at a time!
Collective noun: banditry of
Chickadees, a dissimulation of Chickadees.
(I'm liking banditry myself....)
You can hear the chickadee's song HERE.
There are a couple of robin teams in the back yard. They act like they own the place. Twice now I have seen them chase Larry the Cable Squirrel off the telephone wire, and when he leaped for his life into the Russian Olive tree, the robins FOLLOWED him! It was a pretty spectacular scene: two robins and one small squirrel ricocheting through the tree branches and canopy.

Had I thought about it, it would have been interesting to keep count of the number of worms they have snatched from the garden.

One sunset I was outside and kept hearing the robins peeping a single note back and forth. I spied where the robins were; each of them had a huge worm dangling from their beaks. I could see their tail and chest lift with each peep, so I know they were making the sound.

This kept up for about a half hour. I was getting concerned that perhaps something had happened to their babies. then I got annoyed at the constant peep peep-ing and went inside.

Later I looked out and saw Hart on the deck. I hadn't known he was outside. As soon as he was in, the birds rushed to their nest and all was well again.
I wonder where Hart had been hiding?

The robin's nest is a good 15 ft high up in our Redwood tree, hard to see, and definitely out of cat range.

Oh is 3:30 now. I'm outta here!'s the weekend again!!!

(Bonus points: what is the collective noun for the robin? Hint: it is in the pictures!)


Islandsparrow said...

Very strange collective noun for robins - who thought of that I wonder?

I listened to your pretty bird call!

When are we going to see a picture of the new 'do?

Islandsparrow said...

PS - What's the title of the Elizabeth Goudge novel? You make me feel like pulling one of the shelves and re-reading.

myletterstoemily said...

oh my! those lovely birds sang as
sweetly as they looked.

thank you for always have the most
interesting post. i look forward to

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Islandsparrow: I'm reading Child from the Sea, just finished The Rosemary Tree. Good lazy summer reading.

ellen b. said...

Love all your birdies. I listened to them, too.I might have been able to come up with an answer and all but I had a gin and tonic and my brain is working on slow mode...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I listened to your bird sing...and hubby came looking for a bird in the office. Very pretty.

I'm laughing about your hard day at work! Have a great weekend.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH so interesting. The bird shots are wonderful. It's early here yet and I'm listening to the birds outside my door. I haven't yet listened to your birds . .the house is still quiet and I'm trying to be that as well. T's still in bed.

Sara said...

I listened and I DO envy you! I like "decoration" for the buntings' collective noun. Or, since they look like jewels (as in jewels in the crown), a crown of buntings would sound lovely.

I had to look up guess was close but not quite right. Brings to mind a certain assembly of the Imperial States of the Holy Roman Empire that took place in 1521...which could have a different meaning if you think about it.

Kathy said...

I vote for 'decoration' for buntings collective. I'd prefer a 'party' of buntings because they surely must look like a party together since they are so fancy.