Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I Wanna Garden Pond...NOW!

Do you enjoy ponds?

Do you ever look closely at the plants that grow in water?
Check out how those floating leaves look like yellow-green cat tongues!

Have you ever wanted a pond with water plants growing in your own garden?
I sure did.
So I created a table top pond just big enough to entice a water sprite fairy or two...
The tiny-tiny green floating specks that you can see in the first photo are the size of a grain of corn meal.

I've been told their blossom is the smallest flower in the world.

That should interest fairies don't you think?

It is most enjoyable to be able to re-arrange my garden with my finger tip, and see it grow a bit each day.

This weekend I decided that the pond needed a boulder in the middle of it.

I didn't break a sweat bringing it to the pond.

I didn't even get wet putting it into the pond!

Best of all: I did it all by myself.
No husband cajoling was needed to build this pond.

No fairies have been seen quite yet.
I am willing to give it time. Who knows who else might also like visiting the pond? Perhaps birds, or if I am really lucky, maybe even a butterfly or a tiny frog.
With my camera at the ready, I'll be watching and waiting for them from my shady and comfortable deck couch.

(My table top pond was inspired by THIS article. I picked up the bowl at the local thrift shop for $2, then headed to the local water garden shop to select mini versions of popular pond plants. The girl helping me was an artist and was soon as fired up on the idea of a table top fairy pond as I was. I'm going to try more of the online magazine's ideas in the future, and maybe one day even have a full sized pond as well. For now...this little pond is good enough for me!)


ellen b. said...

I like your little pond.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a neat idea! Keep us the fairies arrive.

Julie said...

Ohh ! I can do that ! How perfect to have a pond on the patio! Thank you for the great idea!
Yours looks lovely..and the tiniest flowers in the world? Wow!
I'm off to plan my pond!

A Lady said...

Im not sure it needs a fairy. It does, however, desperatelly need a pond mermaid. They tend to be more elusive though.

Vicki said...

How neat! We would have to use a submersible pump or something to keep the water in motion here...the mosquitoes would take it over as their breeding ground!

I agree...a tiny fairy or little mermaid would be perfect here!

The Thiessens said...

Now there's a great option! Would have saved me some heartache.
Thanks for the little visit :)