Monday, November 02, 2009

Looking good and on TV too!

Bernie is 56 years old today. Wow...did 55 go fast or what? You accomplished so much during that year-putting our new house together, learning to fly fish, going camping and hiking, golfing, church, studying bonsai, cooking...the list goes on and on.

Looking good...and doing good too.

When his company found a way to eliminate the need for printers, Bernie went looking for a way to donate the printers, rather than just throwing them away.

The local news covered the story this weekend.....and you can see it (and him) by clicking here!

I'm so proud of you Bernie!
Your 55th year ended so great!

(Even if the TV station did spell your name wrong!)

Wonder what your next year will hold.
Blessings for sure...and fish.
Lots and lots of fish!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Vicki said...

YAY for Bernie (Mr. Springs?)!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, too!!

Lovella ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Bernie. I can easily see why Jill is proud of you. You are so good together.

Have a great day. . .I hope you are treated properly well for your 56th birthday.

Islandsparrow said...

Happy Birthday Bernie!

And congratulations for making the news in such a positive way. At my school, we received "new to us" computers from businesses - and it was very much appreciated. Thanks from a former teacher!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you are looking good!! Dad liked your picture and thinks you could double for Harrison Ford. Just like keep enjoying your life and have a great Birthday. Love, mom and dad

Amy Letinsky said...

That's awesome! Way to help out local schools!

Happy birthday Bernie!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wishing Bernie many birthday blessings...and lots of fish in the coming year!

It looks like he is the one giving the gifts in honour of the occasion. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday again to our wonderful son-in-law. We are so proud of you and glad you chose our daughter to be your life time love. Love you, Mom & Dad D.

Lin said...

Happy birthday, Bernie! Andy said the same!

Julie said...

How special is that !! Way to go Bernie!
and Happy Birthday!