Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Confessions of a Goth Wannabe Middle Aged Woman

I snitched a Hershey's kiss from the desk of a co-worker this morning, and found myself filling her in about my millinery instructor Kate's Hershey Kiss inspired cocktail hat.

I do so miss the whimsical nature of cocktail hats and the women who are witty enough to wear them.

Needing to sooth my longing, I returned to my desk and clicked over to Google Images.
I put in the words "Cocktail Hat" and soon I was feeling much better again after seeing the above hat offered at this etsy site.

Now I am longing to see a winter bride who has such style as to wear that hat with a velvet gown at Christmas time.

That shell pink and green combo was what I had imagined for my own Christmas wedding years ago...such a combination just wasn't to be found for bridesmaid attire, and the bridal party just wasn't up for having dresses custom made.

Oh well. At least I can enjoy the colors in my mind ...and picture myself in this hat instead of the 70's style veil.

As the Etsy site noted, this hat is called "The Holly - Victorian Bridal Top Hat - As Seen in Gothic Beauty Magazine 28"

Oh oh.
Lately I have been noticing that I have been finding myself secretly loving Goth looks.
I have developed a *serious* girl crush on Abby on NCIS for instance. I just love her...her work...her style...the way she never gives up, and is so totally herself and "herself" is loved by one and all. And that she and the actress who plays her are from New Orleans .

NCIS is now the #1 television show in America. My daughter is hooked, my BGFF Gail is hooked...just about everyone with a heart beat is hooked on the show. It is a triple threat show for me: My first teen crush was David McCallum, who played the Russian Illya Kuryakin on the show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

(I'm smiling even as I type this, thinking back to how he looked back then...)
McCallum is also on NCIS...and dang, I still get that goofy butterfly feeling when he is on screen.

(Maybe his hat has something to do with creating those feelings again...and his bow tie, and his Scottish accent....)

Then there is Mark Harmon. Married to the actress who played "Mindy" in the TV show "Mork and Mindy", nicely graying Mark has had an amazing life. A glance from his blue eyes would make anyone drop their cup of coffee accidentally, you know what I mean?
I say his eyes rival Paul Newmans.
When asked...several friends admit they would want date the character Tim if they could. Not the Playboy type Tony character...nerdy Tim brings out the nurturing side and a sense that he could be a "forever" kind of guy. Plus he is uber smart while still being humble.

Abby and Tim "hooked up" for a bit. Frankly I was hoping they would get married. Or that she would at least plan a wedding...because I can just see her in this bridal hat:

Abby just seems to be the type of girl who would want a leather bridal hat with her and her beloved's initials don't you think?

OK...I'll try to pull myself together and let you go check out the rest of the AMAZING cocktail hats on Topsyturvydesigns.

And if anyone does get one of these hats for a wedding..let me know.

Please...let me know!


Vicki said...

I'll have to admit it...I'm super-hooked on NCIS now. I love it that I can pretty much find it on TV every evening (and there's a bonus run on right now...till 11pm!). Abby fascinates me, too...and I think her relationship with Gibbs as her father-figure is sweet. Anyway, you're not really talking about NCIS, but about HATS! Since I'm still not sure if I'm even the type who can look good in a hat, I'll have to say that I'm not brave enough to consider wearing either of those hats! ;) But, they are pretty neat!
(Gosh, did I ramble or what?)

running wildly said...

I've never actually watched an episode of NCIS. I know. *gasp* However, I could tell you all about Trauma, or Grey's Anatomy, or House....of course, all medical shows. I admit, I have a problem.
For my wedding I did not wear a hat, but I did wear a tiara. The only time I'll ever get away with being a princess. Perhaps when I reknew my vows one day I'll have you rustle up me a fancy hat to wear.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh fun. . .no. . I also do not watch NCIS. . a Canadian thing? It will be interesting to see if any other Canadian commenters watch it? I have seen it so I understand your confessions.

Good to hear you talking hats again. . I thought you had nearly given up on us all.

PhantomMinuet said...

Everyone has a girl crush on Abby. She's da bomb. ;-)

And the wedding top hat/fascinator is gorgeous.

Just a little something from Judy said...

On this Friday morning visit to your blog, I must admit you certainly added an interesting and unique approach to my world of blogging. I am never bored with your posts. This one caused me to smile through each word. I could especially relate to dropping my cup of coffee when eye contact was made with Mark Harmon. And, I will tell you that I do like the first hat you shared, and I too think it would make a lovely bridal addition. Thank you for adding creativity and uniqueness to blog reading.

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Of course, you like NCIS! And Abby! You are the bestest!

And those hats....thanks for the link and the reminder.

I miss our HHN gatherings.