Tuesday, November 03, 2009

But is it art?

Modern art is not always understood or appreciated by everyone.
Some say that for them, modern art is an acquired taste.
It is an appreciation that has grown on them over time.

Others say modern art speaks to them immediately in ways that traditional artistic forms do

One of the most modern of art forms is called performance art, where the viewer and the art become merged to create new forms that goes beyond what the artist originally created.

The question "But is it Art?" (as asked by Tiggie) needs no response.

It is art.

It is good to invest in art, as art serves to enrich your environment, your portfolio and yes, even your soul.
We are pleased with our recent artistic acquisition.
And happy to share it with you.
(Even if Hart is refusing to share it with anyone, even if it is orange.)


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

If one piece of art is good...would two not be better? They each need one to call their own!

Vicki said...

Smart Hart...he knows good art. He and art have become as one. Looks like Tiggie will have to find his own outlet for artistic expression.

Anonymous said...

Um, it's not Art. It's Hart.

Julie said...

Interactive art is the very best, don't you think ?? smile