Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring hats from Life magazine in the 50's and a rant

Cute, cute, cute!
Love that little extra trim on the collar, and the gloves of course!
Google images has an entire gallery of Life magazine's spring hat photos from the 1950's. Oh yummy! See them all here.

On a less cheery note...I was quite perturbed to discover that our President gave an address at a church, and had the stain glass window's with the name of Christ in Greek blacked out. I know he said we are not a Christian nation, but when he chooses to make a speech INSIDE a church, I think the "state" should separate itself and not go editing what is inside a place of worship.

See link here.

I just wonder if he will/would suggest similar editing when he visits other religious places.

I'll be watching...
(Update: I've been informed that the address was in Gaston Hall, an auditorium NOT a church. Since it was on a Catholic campus, the hall included church symbols. My feeling is that this is even more offensive: the stain glass windows were for "art" then, not necessarily for worship. Apparently even Christian art is considered possibly "misleading" or offensive. America's oldest bastions of learning include Hebrew lettering of Scripture within their school's symbol, as do some of the halls of our government include scriptural passages in either Hebrew or Greek or English. Will we eventually see our own govermental building "censored"? I hope not!)


Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

That little hat is called a "boater", isn't it? So cute.

I think Mr. O leaves Christ out of his entire life, does he not?

He should never speak in a religious venue. I can't believe that he was allowed to get that done -- after all, he is ONLY who he is - nothing else.

Vicki said...

I agree...the Prez should avoid all religious settings, unless he is there as a private citizen to worship or pray. (The more I hear, read, or see about the Prez, the deeper this sinking feeling I have becomes.)

I love the look of the little hat...and the wearer. I'm envious of her darling little waistline...

PhantomMinuet said...

Gaston Hall is not a church. It is an auditorium at Georgetown University, which happens to be a Catholic university, and so has religious symbols all over the campus. There are several chapels at Georgetown--the Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart, Copley Crypt Chapel of the North American Martyrs, St. William Chapel, St. Thomas More Law Center Chapel, the Medical Center Chapel, St. Ignatius Medical School Chapel, and the Dahlgren Crypt Chapel--but Gaston Hall isn't one of them.

Lovella said...

I just love the 50's styles. . I recall my mom having a used pattern book that I spent hours pouring over and I wish with all my heart I still had it and wonder why she would have gotten rid of it.

Oh I feel so sad that Christ is covered . .so very sad.

PhantomMinuet said...

Actually, there were over 20 other IHS symbols displayed in that same space (not covered), and there's an Alpha and Omega displayed above the President's head (also not covered). So the only thing covered was the IHS that would have been right behind the President's head and was already partically obscurred by the backdrop.

I think pretty much all Catholic universities are elaborately decorated with religious art to some extent, even in secular spaces on campus. It's certainly that way at Notre Dame. Touchdown Jesus, anyone? That's just part and parcel of being a Catholic university.

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Thank you for the tip about LIFE pictures, I had no idea they were available through google images.

There are some cute Lilly Dache pictures there too, love them!