Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seeing what Louise is up to....

One of my favorite milliners is Louise Green. Her Spring 2009 online catalogue is out, and I've "borrowed" three pictures that made my heart skip a beat.
Isn't this pink hat pure romance? Sigh...I'd love to wear a hat like that ALL THE TIME!
Double click the pictures to see the prices.
But having a somewhat more practical lifestyle, perhaps I could accomplish more in my day in this grey hat. A bit of "no-nonsense" that could turn flirtatious in a wink.
Now here is a shocker: a turban! Turbans haven't been seen in years and years...although through history they pop in and out of fashion. One of the first ladies (whose name escapes me now) had her portrait done wearing a turban. The news from the Fashion Week runways is knitted wrap hats, very turban like indeed. Hmmm...the best part of a turban is that it is worn with all your hair tucked up inside. Fast fashion for those "don't want to mess with my hair" days. Draping a turban is a ticklish art form, much more difficult than blocking a hat, and the $795 price tag reflects that very fact.
I'm always interested in hats that could be used as a wedding hat. The paned veiling would be so smart compared to the typical tulle. A totally memorable hat...can't you just hear the wedding guest trying to describe it to their friends later?

And how cute would it be to have the wedding hat on a hat stand below the wedding pictures.

My hats are still boxed up, but I am seeing daylight coming through windows now that some of the boxes are unpacked. Yesterday I longed to wear a cute hat, but couldn't dig one out to match my outfit before I rushed off to work. By noon the snowfall began in earnest, with flakes the size of quarters blowing furiously all about. By 5 o'clock the mountains surrounding SLC were once again totally blanketed in white. Winter had returned after all; and griping was heard all about. I on the other hand practically skipped as the soft flakes smashed into me as I walked to my car.

None of the snow had stuck to the ground or car, so off I went happily home.

(The sad news: Bernie is now laid flat with the same horrid sore throat that began I suffering with two weeks ago. Mine is down to coughing and blowing still...hate to see B. have to go through this too!)


Kate said...

Love the turban tho' don't think I look very good in them. There's a great story about Mr. John arranging a turban on a client's head - very improvisational - (he was famous for them. When she complained about the bill he whipped it apart, handed her the cloth and told her to do it herself! Oh la la la la! K Q:-)

running wildly said...

The first two are my favorite. In fact, the first one actually made me sigh out loud and tip my head to the side. It truly is beautiful, and would look even more beautiful on that gorgeous head of yours.

Lovella said...

Oh the hats are wonderful .. well I'm not sold on the turban look but oh well, what do I know. .
I loved the second one the best.
Oh goodness. .give Mr. B a good well wish from me. .and oh goodness, I hope the bride and groom don't sucumb to the dreaded cold too.

Vicki said...

That first hat is gorgeous! I'd love to be able to wear something like that. No so crazy about the turban, however...

Poor Bernie. I am praying that everyone is healthy for the wedding!

Sara said...

Yummy hats. If I were 30 years younger and 30 pounds lighter I might go see Louise Green and offer myself as a hat model so I could wear her gorgeous creations every day...or at least when the catalog was being prepared!

Yes, the opening line is: "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again." Very interesting story. This version included notes by the author in the back, and a different epilogue that got changed before she published the story.

You know the most interesting facts about things...and when I read "A Gift from the Sea" I shall remember the other family in Germany.

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

I love all the hats, of course!
But I do like the turban, and thanks to Kate, I have two beautiful Katrinka turbans that I wear often.
I'll just have one of each, please.

Hope Bernie gets well soon. Being a "sickie" is no fun.

PhantomMinuet said...

I wear turbans, from time to time. :-)