Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Guest Room is Ready For Company

I still have to get drapery for the morning sky blue guest room...they will be made from Waverly's black check above the windows and on the sides. The Venetian blinds will work for window covering when needed. Since the windows have lovely private views, I didn't want anything that might block the mountains, trees, sunsets and city lights.
I'll also get some art for the walls, and arrange a few decorating elements to make it feel a bit more homey too.

Of course we still have the NO cats in the guest room policy.

I had just spread the beds and went to get the camera when the boys moved right in anyway.
They thought it was just great to have their own beds all to themselves.
After all, wedging Bernie in on the big bed every night is a lot of work.

While unpacking I discovered we have a lot of pillows. I'm still looking for a place to store them all! We also discovered that we still have a huge heavy mirror that was in Laura's room when she was very young. It was stored in the attic...and now is stored behind the headboard until we can haul it off to the donation center. It is too heavy for me to lug all by myself, so maybe this weekend we can finally be done with it.

(Personally...I think a blue eyed Siamese cat would look better in this room.)
Jeff is our first "official" guest, staying with us until he leaves for his trip to California to get married next week.
His bride-to-be has vacated her apartment and moved into his place for a little settling in, so Jeff moved over to our place.
Funny...thirty two years ago Bernie and I had a similar arrangement.
He moved home with his parents for a few weeks while I got the apartment for a bit.
It is nice to Jeff with us for a last bit...and after the "cat nap" on the new bedding, the cats decided they really like sleeping with Bernie better anyway.
Poor Bernie.
It's all good though, isn't it?
Yes it is.


Lovella said...

Your guest bedroom is just wonderful... I was remembering the little room without a real bed that we made you sleep in. I think it is great to have two beds . .such a great room for so many different guest requirements.

It is so great that you get to have some last days with your son before he is married. . I hope you have some wonderful times.

Dolores said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of the guest bedroom was, isn't that nice that the cats each have their own bed. You are so thoughtful...

Vicki said...

How nice! Personally, I like the added coziness of having a cat on each bed! Spooky said she'd be more than happy to help you out, too, but only if pet carriers and car rides and plane trips aren't involved...

Sara said...

Well you know it's a warm and welcoming room when the cats move in right away like that!

Janitha said...

First of all Happy Late Birthday Jill!! ♥ Second of all your home looks like a warm, inviting place as always. If I come and visit can we break the no cats in the guest bedroom policy...?
Wish I could be there to help. Miss you guys!

running wildly said...

That is sooooo like cats to just take over and resume position. Makes me laugh. My cats did the exact same thing with our new house.....like they have to mark their territory.

Since your guest room is done, I guess me and my pregnantness can come on over, hey?

Marg said...

Do you think I could come and visit.
I like the cool white colors.
Clean, crisp and relaxing...
But I'm allergic to cats.
Do you have a bigger bed????

Kate said...

Oh my! And pretty soon it will be grandbabies..... Enjoy! K Q;-)