Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Seasons Change and Life Goes On

Two weeks ago our deck looked like this.
The overnight snowfall had filled the chair seat to the arm levels, and the snow continued to fall.

Now the trees in the city look like this one outside the front door of my work.
The plum trees are blooming all over the city, and every day more flowering trees are exploding with color.
Jeff gave us some insight into seasonal life here: Autumn comes down from the mountains, Spring comes up from the valley.
We are living in the mountains so the floral displays are not exuberant in our neighborhood, so driving to work is like going from winter to spring in less than 20 minutes.
Today we have gloomy rain. Four white tulips had bloomed outside in the lower part of our garden; I took a moment to rescue them from the muddy back splashes of the springtime downpours. The daisies were lingering from a bouquet from a friend that was sent weeks ago.
If you enlarge this picture you can see the quartz counter top that is now in our kitchen. The cabinets are filled with our kitchen supplies, but we are still awaiting our cabinet doors.

I had told our contractor a month ago that by April 14th I wanted everything done, and have the only reason for him to be in my kitchen be to enjoy some birthday cake with me.
And wasn't that the least he could do...to try to have all the remodeling finished up for my 55th birthday?
After all...that was a full month and a half past his original promised completion date.

Well, you don't always get everything you want for your birthday.
I'm off to work, and this evening Bernie, Jeff and Rachel will be celebrating with me, with (I am promised) a white cake with strawberry filling.
I'm expecting it to be a pleasant time.
I won't however be expecting the contractor to drop by for a slice of cake too.
No cake for him until the kitchen and bathroom and baseboards are all done!


Dolores said...

Happy Brithday. Enjoy your day, the house will eventually be finished.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jill. Just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and we hope you have a lovely day.
So glad the progress of remodeling is starting to show results, even though it is not as speedily happening as you had hoped. Just think of how wonderful it will be when it is all completed! Love the counter top!
Love, mom and dad S.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Jill! Yesterday, I knew that today was the day. Today, I have been so exasperated that it went out of my mind (and so did I...long story).

I've had my week planned down to each minute. I shouldn't try to plan that closely because stuff happens. Like this morning. We had a tornado! It destroyed three homes and damaged about 20 others in the subdivision right smack across the street from us! Spring is officially here, I guess.

Anyway....Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! May you enjoy many, many more!

Lovella said...

Happy Birthday dear Jill. ..
Oh goodness. .I had completely missed the date. . what kind of a friend am I?
Oh I pray that this year. .starting today is filled with wonderful blessings from above. . May you see yourself as God sees you beautiful and complete. . and just a wonderful woman. . .

Marg said...

Happy Birthday! Where does the time go and it looks like you just keep ticking on like the rest of us.
May you have many more enjoyable years and don't you dare give him any cake....I know that feeling...

Islandsparrow said...

Happy happy Birthday Jill!! Hope your day is filled with celebration and fun.

Let that contractor know just how good the cake was - and that you have a piece saved for him in the freezer :)

Sara said...

Hi Jill, Happy Birthday to you!

I'm coming late to this blog so my wishes are slightly belated....I'm guessing by now much of the cake has been eaten. Have a wonderful week....stretch out the celebration!