Monday, August 25, 2008

Garden Ideas

Good Lordy, it is HOT here today, and a brush fire down south of us has now filled the sky with smoke. I might as well stay in and blog.

B. started work today; I drove him the half hour run as we only have one car here for now. It was a pretty drive.

There's a garden center near Jeff's house; we've been driving by it all week. Since I had the car and the time, I decided it was a good day to stop by and get some ideas and information about gardening in Utah.

Guess Utah has fairies in need of gardens too...the tall "tree" is bronze anise!

They had a nice selection of day lilies. Don't you love that name?

Hmmm....a garden theme: Church and Spiritual Matters.

These plants are all the same kind, just different colors. Should have gotten a picture of their name...
I know I will have a lot of shade under the scrub oak on the property...maybe I could make paths through the forest and side plant shade plants to make the area more interesting.

Hostas work in shade....

Yes, this one will work with the theme. We are thinking of making a meditation/prayer area in the middle of the forest.

Off topic, but I like the name...
I'd have to have this one, because my Mom is named June. Do you ever buy plants because they have family or friend's names?

I used to give my kid's teacher's miniature roses because there was a grower near our house and all of her mini roses had women's names. It was pretty easy to find a rose with the teacher's name most of the time.

Back on topic: Golden Tiara. a crown of glory?

Was it Elijah or Elisha that was caught up in a whirlwind in the Bible?

At day break on Easter morning...
Faith, Hope and Love.
(Also for a friend.)

I like how hostas have varying shades of green with either yellow or white edges.

Pilgrims...Puritians...I know about that.

Right along side the nursery was a little stream. I like that.
I realize I have a lot to learn about gardening in a four season area.
Hopefully I can take some classes, read some books, and hire someone to help me design a great garden so I will not have to just go with trial and error design. I'm wanting to put in some great sculptural trees in the garden, and perennials, and those aren't cheap so I want to know what works best.
It is something to look forward to, and to dream about during this upcoming winter.


Vicki said...

I love the way you're thinking! The theme is great and it just all seems to be falling into place. I like the idea of a prayer/meditation garden off in the wooded area.

I learned my gardening skills in Kentucky - a four-season state, but the winters probably had a bit less snow than you'll be seeing up there. However, I left KY in 1994...I've probably forgotten everything I used to know. Gardening in Texas and Florida is considerably different.

By the way, Florida is chock-full of sandhill cranes...the pairs always hang out in their usual spots, sometimes with a chick and usually without.

Kate said...

We once rented a house in Texas (before we bought ours) that had a very shady front yard. We were blessed with the most amazing hedge of gardenias! Will they grow in SLC? Wonder if they could weather your winters there? Love it that you are already in the forward thinking thoughts of a garden. What a blessing!
K Q:-)

Kathy said...

The mystery plant is called heukera. Purple is my favorite. I have some in my shade garden and they do very well. The shoot up tall stems of bright pink flowers in the spring. They also multiply well.

I like your idea of making a garden for meditation.

Lovella said...

I think that our gardens could be very similar. We have lots of hostas here too and with the four seasons you have spring bulbs to look forward to during your cold winter. .
This makes me want to get to the garden store and see how the fall mums are coming along.