Friday, August 29, 2008

Fountains in the Square

I walked through Temple Square by myself on a Thursday morning.
It gave me the chance to take about 95 pictures without delaying anyone else's stroll.
I enjoyed being outside in the cool air under the clear blue sky of my new home town!

The Square has wonderful water features and fountains coursing through flowerbeds and spraying high into the sky.

Come take the walk with me, and enjoy seeing the artistic use of water.

The fountain that is at the head of a water course way. The other side of the walkway has an identical fountain.

The water course way. The shadows adds a lace overlay to the ever changing water design.

The twin fountains create the splashy sounds of falling water in stereo...hmmm...I'm beginning to wonder where the bathrooms might be.

More water falling from the edge of a flat water table top.
(Maybe I should ask someone where the bathrooms are around here...)
The flat table top erupts in to a geyser symphony.
(I wonder if this the real reason why the Mormons don't drink coffee...)

(Do you need to go find a bathroom now too?)

(I walk away from the fountain, looking for a woman to ask where the restrooms are. I'll be danged if I'll ask the old guys in navy suits and white shirts that seem to be everywhere on the square. They just don't look like the kind of guys who would even think about women needing to pee...)

I caught a rainbow below this fountain.
(And I found a restroom before I made a rainbow myself...)
Really they should post signs at the entrance warning small children and older women and men with prostate issues to locate the restrooms before proceeding any further into the Square.
Aren't the squiggly flowers and the squiggly water a good pairing?
And how about those mini falls from the square block?
(Aren't you glad you went before you saw this fountain?)

So how big was the big fountain in the middle of the square?
Check it out....see the man standing next to it?
Yeah, that big. Enormous, and the fountain stayed that high the whole time I was there once it went off.

As I leave the Square I looked down at the water spewing from the wall.
The bus stop is just a few feet away.
I wonder how many people have had to take a later bus because they just could wait any long....
(See my earlier post that I blogged this morning on "Flowers in the Square" to enjoy a different facet of my walk.)


Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed your blogs in the past few weeks - they read like a page turning novel - I usually can't wait to hear wait you're going to do or say next! I'm so happy for you in your new city and state, and hope that wonderful view house firms up for you.

That water fountain and park is incredibly beautiful - what a peaceful park to wander around in (once you've used the ladies, that is!)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lori T (from Abbotsford, BC)

Vicki said...

Oh, you're so funny! I probably wouldn't do very well there considering I usually make "that trip" down the hall on an hourly basis!