Friday, August 29, 2008

Flowers in the Square.

I went on a walk by myself through Temple Square yesterday morning.
The flowers were glorious!
The sweet petunia fragrance wafted through the cool morning air.
I decided to get one-on-one with some of the blooms.
The lines and wrinkles add to the beauty, don't you think?

Five creases, five stamens, hundreds of lines.
The Dianthus' spicy fragrance blended well with the petunias. I love how each flower is like a finger print~with a design unique to each blossom.

The slight aqua shade in the heart of the flower...wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been enlarging the picture.

Vinca swirls two kinds of pink around it's eye. To draw this flower, I would need so many colors yet if I were to ask most people they would say the flower is just pink.

The Scottish weavers in Paisley bred the dianthus to get the colors to splay out to the edges. I read they had contests and judging of their work, and that the plaids that they wove were almost reproduced in their flowers.

I love the serrated flower edge too...

Freckles and speckles add to this flower's beauty.

Each petunia had the little green knob like center. Perhaps that is the secret door knob that fairies use when they want to go inside the flower to hide.

A tiny flower inside of a flower. A geranium with five airbrushed spots

Micro flowers blooming in a deep purple galaxy...

The walkways were bordered with flowerbeds so dense that hardly a speck of soil could be seen.

The last time I walked here the beds were filled with soft powdery snow, and the colors were the reflection of twinkling lights above in the trees.

Grasses ripen with feather blooms. Autumn is coming, but summer reigns here today.

Grass with wands as soft as a Persian cat's tail.

The two grasses wave in the air and continue the motion of the falling water behind.

A flower that looks like a child's simple drawing; a drawing which has been crumpled a bit by innocent hands

Five tiny snowballs of stamen and a center pistol of pale green rise above a netting of gold, splashing white foam upon a lake of deep blue.

(What a shade of close to the blue of the bluebonnets.)

Five stamen powdered with gold. The lights and shadows play upon the silky satin petals, lightening and deeping the rich lavendar hue.

Pointillism would be the only method to use if one wanted to paint this flower bed.

The fountains misted the air about me, giveing each flower a pave of diamonds.

How many flowers bloomed that day?
How many hairs upon my head?
God knew.

A whirli-gig design in deep pink with an improbably seed pearl center.

Such richness for only a day!

Back home Tiggie explored Jeffrey Square and found marigolds in bloom.
They were orange.
Orange is good.
No, says Tiggie. You've got it wrong.
Everyone knows that Orange is BEST!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
I enjoy your blog immensely. The way you describe all the flowers is as beautiful as they are to look at. Thanks!
Hope all is well with the move.
DEBBIE (from BC)

Vicki said...

I love your poetic way of describing the beauty you see...and pointing out the details that are too easy to overlook.

Islandsparrow said...

I love the close-ups of the blossoms - such gorgeous colour combinations!