Saturday, May 03, 2008

Millinery: Off to the races!

So, are you flirting with the idea of putting on a hat and watching at least a bit of the Kentucky Derby on television today?

Imagine how you would have felt if someone had invited you to actually GO to the Derby; asked you months ago, and you knew you HAD to get a hat, even if you never normally wear a hat.

A reported for the Seattle was faced with that challenge. She wrote about her journey to find a hat; an idea at odds with her "stubbornly practical Northwest" mindset.

She had to get two hats in the end, a yellow and and pink, one for each day of parties that she would be attending.

Oh boy, did she ever find the perfect hat! Two hats actually, and she wrote about her experience shopping in Seattle at a millinery shop owned by a former Texan.

You can read her article about her experiences and see her other hat selection here.

The newspapers already have started with Kentucky Derby 2008 hat pictures....the above picture was taken on Friday as a spectator watched a training session.

Models being photographed around the horses. The yellow striped one: I saw something similar to this one in the Galleria. The designer had created it, dye matched, to go with a dress.

I love this fresh looking draped chapeau. I'm wondering if the draping is crinoline or organdy. So sheer, like so much of the current fashion's fabrics.

More hats as they are seen....


Lovella said...

oh I love the bottom one too. Big sigh, so pretty.

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

You are so great --- I love the way you keep us updated! Thanks!

Sara said...

That last one would be my choice! And the reporter's pink hat second...I just caught up on your!