Thursday, May 01, 2008

The International Traveler Returns

I get lots of opportunities to pick up family and friends from the Houston Bush Airport. But Tuesday was a little different. I got to pick someone up at the International Terminal D.
While I waited for my passenger to arrive I took advantage of the opportunity to look around.

Each terminal has unique and interesting art; I could just as easily enjoy going to the airport to see art as I do going to a regular art museum.
Don't these columns look like they are constructed of lampwork glass beads?

The other terminals usually have a few drivers waiting with signs spelling out the name of their expected passenger. This terminal had a long line of drivers waiting; this was only about half of the line up.

I was surprised to see a map on the wall of all of Houston's "Sister" cities.
I had never heard of a lot of the other cities; I guess we aren't that close of a family...
The best sight in the terminal....

She looked so different, yet she had only been gone a week.

She had changed to "Swedish style", meaning put your hair up in a braid on one side, and mess up the rest, then throw on a big chunky scarf and no make up.

I loved all the fun stuff that she bought. The Scandinavian colors and designs are so refreshing.
It make me want to chuck all our French Country furniture and simplify!
She bought the apron, the tray, the pot holder, the towel.....

And lots of tops. That shade of red and that shade of blue: yum.
I look at those colors and feel like life is fun and young again.
(Probably because the last time I had a lot of those colors in my life I was in college; the early 1970's was big on Scandinavian design and that rustic simple look.)

Now I am seeing that color everywhere! Along the main road in Kingwood these flowers are blooming.

I pulled over to take a picture (OK...several pictures...) and it was so much fun to have Laura walk up to me as I was shooting pictures.
She was running errands in one direction and I was running different errands in a different direction.
Along the main drive in Kingwood she saw me and stopped.
I think that was the first time I have ever really felt truly at home in Kingwood.
There is just something about running into someone you know when you are out and about to make you feel like you belong.
Right now I just want to pack up and head out and travel with her. Her pictures of Sweden were beautiful; she'll be posting them on her blog: It's Good to Be Me, which you can find on my sidebar links.
She takes such great pictures; it is the next best thing to traveling to Sweden with her.
I might just let her braid up my hair as well, just to get the full effect.


Dawn said...

Love the apron fabric...

The bluebonnets are lovely....I have a wonderful photo of my future DIL in a field of bluebonnets.

Looking forward to trying to grow some of my own.

Happy May Day!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all your happy smiles as you found each other at the airport. Enjoyed pictures of bright colored clothes too. We are looking forward to seeing all of Laura's goodies when she gets out here. Love to you all, mom S

Lovella said...

Her sweden look is indeed fresh looking. I am so done with dull colors that I have purposed to only buy bright colors to wear this spring.
Such a tease you are to talk about her hairdo and not show it to us properly. Yes, you have a wonderful daughter and I'm glad she's home again. (home being where you are)

Miss Janey said...

That red is scrumptuous.

Vicki said...

What a fun post! I love the colors, too.

No matter where you call home, and no matter how many friends and acquaintances you have, there's nothing like having your own lovely daughter (especially those named Laura!) walk up to you!

PhantomMinuet said...

Yay! Glad she's back, safe and sound.

BTW are we still doing virtual Derby Day tomorrow?