Monday, April 28, 2008

California Poppy Fields of long ago

The California poppy blooming in my garden right now.

And my older brother Carl and I as children sitting in a field full of the golden poppies and purple Owl's Clover.
I never saw fields like this ever again.
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Vicki said...

This reminds me of the incredible wildflower field that grew behind my grandparents' property in southern Ohio. I've never seen a field like that so filled with massive quantities of wildflowers of every color. Too bad.

I still like the brilliant red poppies that the state of Tennessee plants in the medians along the interstates...they are stunning!

Sara said...

You are one up on me....I've never seen the California poppy fields in bloom yet! After decades of living here. I know I am missing something special.

Anonymous said...

I checked your blog too early yesterday, so didn't see it till today. What a nice picture of you and your brother. I've never seen such a concentration of poppies! Beautiful!!! Love, mom S.

Miss Janey said...

What a beautiful picure of you and your brother.