Friday, April 18, 2008


The vacation was followed by a birthday, then two days of work, and Bernie flew to San Diego on Tuesday and Jeff flew to San Antonio on Tuesday and Laura on Tuesday decided to fly to Paris and Sweden next week.
Well, what can I say.

We needed some excitement around here.

So my friend Gail flew in from Colorado Springs yesterday.

We took a long walk through the woods together.
You know how many times I walk the woods alone?
You can't imagine how many times I have walked and wished I had a friend with me to ohh and ahh at what is there to see.

Gail really, really liked the cypress trees. The cypress knees, and the feathery new growth delighted her.
"Everything is so green here!" she kept saying.
(Colorado Springs had gotten two inches of snow and was still snowing when she left.)

It was a great walk, capped by something new, as usual:
Yellow iris were blooming in the forest!
How cool is that!

And Gail didn't even mind the three snakes that were sunning themselves on the path.
(I hadn't told her there might be snakes....)

Last night we had a major thunderstorm, so sever it knocked out power.
Gail slept through it. Go figure.

Today it is starting to clear up, and we are heading out to find the bluebonnet fields.
I think we're going to have some serious fun.
Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures!


Lovella said...

Hi Gail and Jill,
what fun!! Oh do enjoy your walking and talking and time together.

Anonymous said...

How fun to be able share those wonderful walking paths with a friend. Will look forward to the future pictures of your Blue Bonnet search. Hi, Gail, I'm glad I was able to meet you while I was with Laura and Jill in Colorado. Love, mom S

Vicki said...

How cool to have a friend visit who likes to do the things you enjoy!

The only visitors I've had today have been the pool guy, the carpet guy, the termite guy, and the paint guy and I didn't think the paint guy would ever get finished! There is no food in this house and I'm starved (just waiting on Doc to get back in town so we can meet to eat!).

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jill,
You've done a very fine job of detailing our wonderfull adventure! Thank you so very much for a fabulous time. I've just shared the blog with my Mom, Norma and she thought it was wonderful! We just got home from the ranuncula fields! They are the best that my folks have seen in years. They are so colorful - i'll try to send you prictues of the. Plus they had a wonderful rose garden there. Dale gave us passes which saved us $8.00 a piece! We've had a really lovely day. It is nice visitng with my family. We had lunch in Encinitas at a place called the Potato Shack. The weather here couldn't be better. Tomorrow, Scott and Elizabeth arrive. I'm picking them up and we're going directly to the beach for a day of windsurfering - Scott and wave running - Gail and Elizabeth. More pictures to come when I get back to Colorado. Bye for now and Jill, I cried again when reading the account of our "bluebonneting!" Love you Gail