Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blessings as far as the eye could see.

For as long as I have been in Texas, my friend Gail and I have talked about having her coming down to see the bluebonnet in bloom.

I've lived here for ten years now, and last fall Gail and I decided that THIS would be the year to finally make this dream become a reality. I promised her that when she can, she would be able to stand knee deep in flower fields blooming as far as the eye could see.

Now trip planning is tricky. Bernie and the kids planned our trip family vacation to Hilton Head while we were together over Christmas. After all the arrangements were made, I was a bit dismayed when I realize that I would be in Hilton Head trip during prime bluebonneting time.

When I contacted Gail about when she could come to Houston we discovered that her vacation schedule would only allow a visit a week after my birthday.
This fact put a spin on the whole "see the bluebonnets together" idea.

You see, most years the bluebonnets go to seed shortly after April 14th.
It's not unusual for the whole bluebonnet event to be over by now.
The fields turn brown and grasses hide the wildflowers as they go to seed.

I started praying that this year spring time would be cooler than usual and that the bluebonnets would still be perfect when Gail arrived.
I pictured us standing in fields of waving flowers, surrounded by beauty, gentle pleasant breezes wafting the scent of flowers to us, under a brilliantly clear blue sky.

Friday when we awoke to rain, I decided that by the time we would leave the house it would be clear and pleasant out. Not hot, not cold. Perfect.

Gail was here, and deserved nothing but the best.

Yes, far as the eye can see...bluebonnets.

This year the blood grass punctuated the fields of blue. Two days before Gail arrived I saw a television show that identified this pretty red tipped grass.
(I joked: Crones amidst the bluebonnets)

An added bonus: We watched a newly born calf in a field be washed clean, and wobble up to stand for the very first time. The calf's umbilical cord still was dangling from the mother cow as we watched.

Less than forty eight hours before Gail had been in snowy Colorado Springs. She snapped this picture from the runway before she flew out to Houston.

What a dazzling change.

There were so many butterflies of all colors!

We kept a list of all the flowers we saw. There were quite a few.

(I just love spiders that color co-ordinate with their flowery home.)
Would you like to join Gail and I as we explored Chappell Hill and Brenham Texas wild flower fields?
Click here, and you can see more of our pictures.
Mine are first, her photos begins with the snowy scenes.
What you won't see is the picture of the two of us hugging each other in joyful tears, overcome with realization of the goodness of all that God had provided for us: the beauty all around us and the blessing of our years of friendship.
It was sweet.


Lin said...

Wow! What a slide show. I really appreciated seeing this.

My favorite place to eat, believe it or not, is the Chappel Hill Sausage Factory. I love their steak sandwiches. Huge and inexpensive--but oh how delicious and what an atmosphere!

I only wish I could have been there with you. I am so glad you put pictures and slide shows up. It is the next best thing to actually going there. I actually travel to your locations, many of which are totally new to me, from my computer chair. Thanks for the trip, Jill.

Sara said...

Isn't it wonderful to share such loveliness with a very dear friend...someone who won't think you are crazy if you get teary-eyed from the glory of it all, and feels the same way as you do!

Julie said...

Well, Jill.. I could be upset with you for your 'selfish' prayer (smile) since I had to have my spring delayed without the bluebonnets!
How absolutely spectactular .. One day I want to see your fields of Bluebonnets. All your photos are sooo beautiful. There is no garden as perfect as the ones God plants! Nor any planning as perfect as His!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

How wonderful for you to be able to enjoy our wonderful Texas country with such a friend as Jill. The bluebonnets just make is more special.
Texas is my favorite place on earth! We have it all here.
Can you tell I love my State?!

running wildly said...

Girlie, you have a knack for taking photos! A true gift. The bluebonnets are lovely. Gosh, even the cow pictures were lovely. I bet the fields smelled heavenly. Oh to be there experiencing that......

Elizabeth said...

am I glad I stopped by.
The blue bonnets - and all the other flowers are gorgeous.
I can understand why they are referred to a 'a sea'.

Vicki said...

I loved the slideshow! I miss the bluebonnets of Texas, as well as the other wildflowers - pink evening primrose, Texas paintbrush, winecups, and more.

Funny that you should have the photo of Blue Bell ice cream. When we moved away from Texas, poor Doc missed his BB. A year or two later, BB announced that they'd be supplying Floridians with the country's best ice cream! Yeee-haw!

Lovella said...

what a beautiful post both in photos and sentiment.
I'm so glad that the blue bonnets were indeed as far as the eye could see. They are amazing.

Marg said...

Beautiful shots. Those flowers remind me of the alpine meadows which bloom in July.
It's always so much more interesting so share these memories with close friends.
Finally the sun is shining again.

Kate said...

Beautiful! We're having a beautiful spring here as well. What I miss most about Texas tho' are my hat lady friends!
K Q:-)

Christy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog with your tip on bluebonnets. Sadly we ar ein North Texas with no real chance to travel to the Hill Country in the next week so we are severly limited. I see small patches of bluebonnets, mainly right by the highway and not very picture worthy (or safe) with a 2 year old.