Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Travel Journal: Hilton Head South Carolina, Savannah Georgia and Daufuskie Island, SC.

Our vacation week went slow; our vacation week went fast.
It felt like we have travelled to a paradise, and yet it all seemed vaguely familiar.

We flew to Savannah Georgia on Sunday and headed up to South Carolina and Hilton Head Island. We explored our resort a bit, and had dinner out.

Monday was coldish and misty; we explored the "toe" of the foot shaped Island, visiting the harbors and lighthouse, peeking into the shops and admiring the many golf course homes in the area.

Tuesday the menfolk headed out for 36 holes of golf. Laura and I walked the beach, and enjoyed being together watching the surf break against the foggy shoreline, taking jacuzzi dips, and a short bike ride. I tried to blog a bit, but the connection made it difficult, so I decided I would pass on daily posts and report our doings once we got home.

Wednesday we drove back to Savannah to explore that decidedly southern city.

We took a horse drawn carriage tour, then walked through the city, enjoying the many small parks and handsome buildings.

Savannah has a distinctive personality, that is for certain.

Even something as simple as a gate can make you smile

Every where we looked there was another picture worthy scene.

Thursday we took a ferry over to Daufuskie Island where the boys played golf, and Laura and I had a spa day. A day that just went on and on.....

Friday we took advantage of beautiful weather and did some serious kicking back around the pool.

We lounged on the deck, and body surfed the Atlantic: Now we can claim family body surf sessions on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts!

Saturday we rode bikes, and visited some more of Hilton Head.

On Sunday we left to come home.

It all seems rather dreamy now. It all seemed rather dreamy then too: We were struck by similarities to our times beaching it in San Diego, and thought the flora of the area very much like our own flora in Houston. And the architecture: Were we in New Orleans again?

If you'd like to see more of our travels, click HERE to see the composite slide show of Bernie, Laura and my own pictures from the trip. As always, select SLIDESHOW from the top of the screen once you see the thumbnail pictures. It was hard to limit the slides; enjoy as much or as little as you like. I've captioned the pictures as well, if you would like to just see the pictures quickly, you can skip over the word by using hide captions.

Seriously, a vacation should really last two weeks.
But we squeezed a lot of fun out of our seven days, and had time to rest to boot.
What more could any one want?


Anonymous said...

We loved being able to share your vacation pictures and being able to talk to you at the same time. Great pictures!!! It's so good to have Bernie here too. I'm a happy girl!! We love you, mom S.

Vicki said...

Isn't Savannah amazing? You want to look around and look up continually, but you have to watch where you're stepping, too, so that you don't miss a curb or a raised walk! Didn't you just want to peek inside behind those beautiful doors?! Looking back at our trip to coastal SC and GA, it does all seem like a dream. I'm ready to go back!

Vicki said...

Jill, I just had to come back to tell you that I sat and watched your entire slideshow! I popped a bag of popcorn and sat back and watched the "travelogue." I recognized several of the photos as ones that I took when we were in Savannah in October. Such a beautiful city. Ahhh.

Vicki said...

Clarification of my previous comment: Your photos that I recognized are not ones that I took, but are of the same subject matter as ones that I took. My brain is not fully engaged today for some reason. Gee.

Sara said...

You did squeeze in a lot in one week! I really enjoyed the slide show too, and I noticed you found a redbud tree! My personal favorites were the cat-and-mouse gate, the tiny hippo, the waterspout fish, and the "let's party" house! What a beautiful place Savannah is too. Wow.

Lovella said...

Oh, I love the beach shot. .
I haven't yet a moment to watch the entire slide show. . but I'm taking Vicki's lead and popping some corn tonight and planning to chillax with the show .. properly.

I do agree. . a proper vacation is at least 2 weeks.

Julie said...

Ohh.. the photo of the twin steeples against the blue sky is sooo beautiful !! and I love the photo of the curved stairs ….How did you get the birds to fly in single file across the sky? And the picture of the bike ride through the canopy of green is sooo surreal!
It sounds like a perfect holiday and to me time spend with my kids is priceless, isn’t it? What’s more important than family!

I enjoyed your slide show too, all of it!! I LOVED the vines on the stairs!! What a strange looking critter that squirrel was!!! You have sooo many comment worthy photos ! What wonderful memories . Maybe one day I will get to visit the south , I know I would love it!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We just got back from Savannah as well. That is a beautiful part of the world.
Love your photos!