Monday, March 24, 2008

Millinery: Easter Parade Monday

(Tuesday morning update: Parade goers are still arriving. If you caught this post yesterday, be sure to scroll down to see some more adorable hatted ladies that have been added today!)

Did you go to an Easter Parade after worship services yesterday?


You say your town just doesn't do that kind of thing...
That you only saw hats on little girls at church...
But secretly wished that you wore a hat, and that others did too.
Secretly you wish that after church you had trooped in a cheery parade down Main Street, chatting and greeting friends and neighbors dressed in their new Spring Time Best.

A few of us did wear a hat yesterday (see more pictures on yesterday's post) and with the awesome power of the electronic media of blogs, today YOU can take part in a virtual Easter parade.
Just post a picture of yourself in your Easter bonnet (whether you were actually wearing it or not yesterday...) then leave a comment back on this post that links back to your blog.
You are welcomed to post pictures of yourself as a child in an Easter bonnet; or someone you know who looked great in theirs.

If you give me permission, I will add your picture to the body of this post. Otherwise the links will serve as the parade "route."

Let the parade begin!

Sandi at Whistle Stop Cafe has a great collection of Easter bonnet kid shots on her post yesterday.

Next we have Min in a lovely royal blue vintage hat and suit. Her post includes shots of all her accessories, and an affirmation that men indeed do LOVE royal blue!

She later wrote about her Easter brunch, and what happened because of her hat.

Oh ladies, when will we ever learn the truth about men and hats?

Here's a link to a blog that has pictures from the real deal NYC Easter bonnet parade. I wish he had taken more pictures of the serious hats though.

Sara from Much Ado about Something wore this smart black and white chapeau. Black and white was very popular this year! Sara wrote a great post about how she felt wearing her hat, and what she saw around her. Be sure to catch her post.

Cristina over at Mad Hatter Wannabe created this hat for the occasion. Note her delicate ribbon embroidery holding the vintage veil smoothly in place.

Hmmm...there seem to be a trend here. Black hat ruled the day so far.

DO NOT MISS THIS! Miss Kitty and her blogging friend over at Moonbeams in a Jar go hunting for an Easter bonnet, and I promise you it is hilarious PLUS it has some great hats to boot. Be sure to scroll all the way down to catch the hats being modeled by Dad. Bonus material: Link to directions to make a hat shaped pin cushion!

Vicki from Words sent me a picture of herself as a child in her Easter finery. Love the hat, love the gloves. Although a tad large, Vicki said the purse and gloves were probably borrowed from her Mom, and the purse probably held a hankie and five pennies for the church offering plate.

I wish I could go back to the days of carrying just a hankie and a coin for offering; now days my purse carries everything but the kitchen sink!

Another ADORABLE parade post at Janel Messenger "Pearls" that you absolutely MUST NOT miss! Along with a Mother-Daughter photo; the little lass is wearing a bonnet that would make Jane Austen's characters turn green with envy.

Mom's hat is serenely elegant as well. Sigh. Girls in white dresses...perfect!

And get this: Both hats were lovingly made by Mom Janel; see comments to find the link to the hat patterns that she used. Well done Janel!

The LazyMilliner Mary Beth Klatt posted her Easter hat, and a rant to go with it. She braved a snowy Easter and some clueless people ("What is that on your head?" was one comment she received...) to add a touch of celebration and elegance to the day. Her black chapeau with a black and white dress was another vote for the currently popular black.

It really is never too soon for a girl to learn to work the charm of a sweet little Easter bonnet....

(Miss LauraRN, she who is the lady with the glasses at the top of this post, as seen in her first bonnet, that was my first bonnet as well...)

Hats and gloves, baskets and brother as additional accessories.

Looking nice at age 12.

Mother-Daughter photos are so charming, even when the daughter isn't!

Maureen at Tea and Friendship and her sister in 1969, modeling the matching dresses made by their mom in front of the blooming wisteria. Mom did good, didn't she?

To be continued....


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

If I'm first, I get to carry the flag!
I'll just link~ my pictures were googled.
I love a parade~~~

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...


Your new Easter Bonnet looks so lovely on you and Laura. Just the right swirl and twirl. Gorgeous!

NO hat for me yesterday - I stayed inside all day --- allergies of all things! Sneeze and snuffle and snuffle and sneeze!

Vicki said...

Drats. I was going to email my Easter bonnet photo to you since I'm laptopping it for now, but all my photos are stored on my disconnected computer. I can't access them! I'm just "a-hurtin' fer certain" without my computer.

It was cute. It was in black & white, but I had my little curls peeking from beneath my bonnet, holding my "little" handbag (must have been my mother's) and wearing my lavender dress with the organza half-jacket. I was probably about 9 years old...maybe 10. Oh, well.

Lovella said...

What a fun post, I'll be back to check out every ones hats later.

Julie said...

Ohhh.. what a very neat idea, Jill! I love the photos of you and Laura in your beautiful hat!

I didn't wear a hat yesterday nor did I see ANYONE with a hat in church !

I would love to be in your parade but my photos of yesteryear when I may have on occasion wore a hat as a child are all still packed away....

How about I enjoy your parade and cheer lustily as y'all pass by !!

Glorious Hats said...

Great view so far. Hurray for all of you who have photos from the past and Big Cheers for the This Year's Easter Hat contingent.

PhantomMinuet said...

Yay, me. Although it's Min, not Mim. c(;-)

Sara said...

Hi Jill, okay, I've posted my Easter hat, such as it is! Feel free to add it to your blog. This is a great idea, I'm glad you are hosting Easter Parade Monday!


Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Great idea! Sorry I'm late!
Here it is...

Lin said...

Well, I did not wear a hat yesterday, but as I stood up there in the choir yesterday, I looked out over the congregation and guessed it!...hats. There were at least four or five hats at each service! One was huge!These hats were on adult women! I thought of you the whole time, Jill. I thought of your hats and how well they could fill up the church on Easter Sunday. I will just have to make sure I wear a hat next year...I am planning it out now.

Janel said...

Hello! Thanks for the invite. What a great idea! I've linked.

Here's the link to our girl fun photo and more photos with construction details of the bonnet.

Feel free to add us to the parade!

the_lazymilliner said...

Here I am in my Easter hat:

Mary Anne said...

WOW !!! look at all the GREAT hats everybody wore for the Easter Parade !!!...and Jill .... your hat is absolutely GORGEOUS !!!! had I known about your hat making abilities, it would have saved me and "Kitty" alot of grief the other day!!!! Thanks so much for mentioning my goofy blog on your very elegant blog about hats !!

Miss Janey said...

Lovely! What great pics.

Marg said...

I liked your hat parade. I have only learned to wear baseball hats.
But I have to admit I do have a red hat in my closet, never been warn, just waiting for the right time.
My most recent hat adventure was wearing a tacky hat for the newspaper reporter. You can check it out on my blog from March 20th. Actually when I plopped it on my head, I thought "What would Jill be thinking?"
Oh my Goodness

Becky said...

Jill, I love your Easter hat! It is stunning with your dress ~ great combination! The pictures of others do bring back so many memories of being little and feeling grown-up in an Easter hat. The elastic around the chin bothered me though. It seems that is a thing of the past! And you have taught me a thing or two about hats, maybe my Mom didn't know the elastic was supposed to be around the back of the head. Love all the pictures!

Barbara said...

Having just come over from Sara's I was telling her that people would be shocked i think if any of us ladies turne dup in church wearing a hat (unless it was a wedding of course) and yet in the 60's I would buy a new coat with matching hat, shoes, gloves and bag for Easter Sunday. i think in the end I prefer it as it is today.

Nortorious said...

And here I thought I was the only one looking for Easter Bonnets. I was only just referred to your blog, but next year, count me in. Let's make it a hat revolution!
(Sent here by Glorious Hats)