Friday, March 28, 2008

Millinery: Those Cats in Those Hats

Laura was bored the other day...the cats were there, so were some hats and her camera.

Tiggie made his feelings about this known. Hat wearing is not part of his modeling genre.

She snuck up on Hart in his nap bed.

He was pretty puzzled to wake up only to find he had been behatted.

(Why can't I ever take a nap without someone or something laying on me?)

Laura thought the pink hat looked great with his pink nose.

Tiggie had headed to the master bedroom and thought Laura had forgot about him. He settled in for a nap, but Laura had other plans for him.

(Keep it up sister. Just keep it up....)

(What was THAT????)

(Whoa...After all those danged hats, I needed a good lizard hunt to get my testosterone back up to man cat level.)

(Look deep into my are getting sleepy...sleepy....)
(We thank you Lord for this meal which you have provided....)
And now for the truth of the hunt:
See the movie of Tiggie and Hart hunting the lizard!
(No cats or lizards were injured in the making of this video. Obviously.)
(This blog post is dedicated to Hal, he who subtitled my blog Cats 'n Hats!)


Lovella said...

Oh I love it. Watching cats hunt with their tails swishing is so fun. I always enjoy seeing a cat sitting on the edge of a ditch ever so still, patiently waiting.

We never had mouse problems with a cat in the house, mouse, lizard. . .its all good.

Becky said...

What pretty hats! I love the spring colours and variety of adornments, and the cats! By the way, where did the lizard come from? Is it common to find one in the houses of Texas? Hmm... don't know if I'd adjust to that idea.

Sara said...

Am I the only one who felt sorry for the lizard? I'm so glad you told us he wasn't hurt, before I watched the video!!

Cats in hats...Dr. Suess knew it was a good combination for a story! Cute post.

Elizabeth said...

Both your cats are lovely - but I'm besotted with the gray and white one!
What a beauty.Looks like a nice character too.

Vicki said...

Oh, Spooky would love to be right there with the boys and that lizard. She likes to catch them and bring them inside to hide till she can play with them later, when no one else is watching. Yesterday, we removed a lizard and a frog from the apartment - this might be an entertaining move for her!

I love those hats, too!

Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

It's so much fun watching well-fed cats play with their prey. When they aren't required to eat them, that is!

Yes, in Texas, critters are a part of living - even inside our homes. No biggie!!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Hello Tiggie and Hart! TRHO shared this with me....I love the video of your hunt....and I came by to let you know I linked it on my blog today where I talk about a big bug!

But I don't know what to think about those hats....TRHO says they are very pretty. What does that mean to a cat? Personally, I prefer not to wear hats; I stay far away from them!

Miss Kitty

Anonymous said...

Cute hats and cute cats. Lucky lizard. Hal said " Who told Jill I call her blog 'CAT'S AND HAT'S?" I told him he told all of us at one time or another after he enjoyed looking at it, since a lot of what you share with us is about your cats and your hats. WE LOVE IT ALL!! love mom S.

Julie said...

I love how you and Laura entertain yourselves, Jill !! smile

As for Hart and Tiggie..all I can say its a good thing for them that they don't have to hunt for a living !! They definitely wouldn't be the fat cats they are now!!
So they better stay with the hat modeling career. They do rather well at that !!