Friday, February 01, 2008

Party Alert!

When your high school buddy is turning THIRTY (can you imagine that for cryinoutloud?) a bang up big party is in order.

Laura is just the girl to make sure that particular kind of party happens.

What else would old girlfriends do to celebrate such a momenteous occasion but go out and


But first a really great invitation must be sent.

If painting the town red is the theme, why not send the invitations out in the form of a paint bucket, with a paint brush and color samples included inside?

And a red feather boa stashed in the can as well, just to get into the party spirit right away.

Decorating the paint cans was going to take a little time, so the two of us sat at the kitchen table and proceeded to decorate.

Thank heaven for stickers!
That sure made the decorating part easier. Putting all the little confetti bits around the can took time, but in the end it was worth the effort.

The cans looked GREAT!

Inside the can was a paint brush and the paint sample chips.
Does this sound like a fun party or what???

Pedicures, trolley tours on the red old fashioned trolleys, ceramic painting, dinner at Red Lobster, then going out and hitting the town for dancing and fun.

After we got the cans all dolled up, Laura hot glued them inside a cardboard boxes and sent them out via Fedex.
She also emailed everyone the details as well, timing it so both arrived at the same time.
(Which was a good thing...after she sent them she realized she hadn't included a date anywhere on the paint can invitations. Oops.)

She'll be flying out to San Diego on Monday night, and meeting up with her old high school girlfriends for an all day party on Margo's big day.
Isn't that just too cool?
Boy do these girls know how to have fun!
(And the invitations were just a taste of all the stuff Laura got for fun! Flashing birthday tiara anyone?)


running wildly said...

What a GREAT idea! I wish I were going.

Lovella said...

Oh wow, between your new valentine themed template and the party post, I feel positively in party mode. The ideas were just great.

Marni said...

DO you need my address too??? Sounds like piles of fun. (I am blog lurking off of Lovella's)

Sara said...

If Laura could start up a second career as a party planner. Great invitations and lots of fun activities's sure to be a red letter day; she's certainly rolled out the proverbial red carpet for her friend.

Great new look for your blog was a huge surprise when I was expecting green and yellow!

Vicki said...

Wow...I thought I'd arrived at the wrong blog for a moment! I love the Valentine's Day theme and the great party ideas!

Glorious Hats said...

What a super special invitation and party - a treat for all - birthday girl and friends. How neat to see the wonderful sharing and caring. Yay Laura, you rock! Jane

Glorious Hats said...

Oh yes, Jill, love, love, love the red hats. Drooling, drooling drooling here. Jane