Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Downward Dog, Upward Cat, and seasonal respite

It was SO gorgeous on Wednesday morning that Laura suggested we attempt to do a yoga workout outside in our newly spiffed up garden.

She got out the mats and we popped a yoga video into the laptop and started to work out.
Tiggie came outside to give us some pointers on stretching and balance.
He thought the Downward Dog pose was absurd.
Personally he recommends Upward Cat poses for grace and agility.

The video kicked my butt. Laura did much better with it than I did.
I really need to do more of this stuff; I am about as limber as a bread board.
We both got a good laugh from the tape. At the end we were instructed to focus on one simple thing that we wanted to try to do today. "For example," the instructor said, "You could decide to focus on remembering to breath."
I understand what she meant, but seriously, if my breathing was dependent on my remembering to do it, I would be blue and unconsious most of the time.
My memory is pretty well shot these days, and I am far too easily distracted.

After the work out we changed into bikinis (I borrowed one of hers...) and we did ten minutes on each side laying out in the sunshine to up our vitamin D level.
I enjoyed watching a beautiful curled feather of a cloud drift by.
Then a bigger cloud came by and it got down right chilly.
We rolled up our mats and headed inside.
I have to admit having a cat help you with your work out is pretty darn cute.
And being able to work out in the garden and sun myself in January is a huge make up from Texas for the other eight hot, humid, and mosquito plagued months that I deal with the rest of the year.
A few new flowers in the flower pots....

Love stamen, as always.
All of this PLUS more was trimmed from the yard on Tuesday. The clean up landscape crew was amazing.
It is nice to have a new sunny yellow theme for the flower bed.
Tiggie appreciates it too.
We all do.
Dear God;
Thank you for letting there be a few days each year without mosquitos!


running wildly said...

Lovin' stamen as well.
Happy yoga-ing.

Spooky said...

Tiggie, you look stunning among those yellow flowers and green leaves, with the sun highlighting your beeeyoootiful orange fur. You appear to be very fit after your coaching session on stretching and balance. We Cats sure have that down pat. Keep it up, Tigs...whip those tall women into shape!

Vicki said...

...(prayer continued) and thank you, dear Lord, for the months without those pesky lovebugs, too! Oh, and for the short respite from the humidity! Amen!

Good for you! Getting out there and doing something... anything... I've gotten so lazy that I need someone like Laura to push me to exercise. Even my pedometer got an unwanted rest yesterday. (Bad, bad Vicki...)

The flowers look great. I'm in the process of deciding what to put in the flower beds that will look great when that 'for sale' sign goes in the ground.

Glorious Hats said...

What a great story, and the final photo of the renewal with king Tiggie was just right.

Sara said...

Tiggie looks great in your new yellow garden. MK thinks he is quite handsome sitting in the sunshine.

Yoga and walking and Vitamin D absorption techniques! You are doing very well. Bikinis in January? Are you trying to make our friends in the northern climates jealous?

But it's true, there are some compensations for all that hot humidity; I'm telling myself the same thing here in So's not as bad as Texas, but the summers can be brutal. Today is clear, crisp and sunny here. Too cold for bikinis though!

Laura said...

I am soooo proud of you for tackling 2 very intimidating and challenging tasks: yoga AND bikini wearing!!! Woo-hoo!!! Go Mom!!! You rock!

Lovella said...


Good job on bringing out the nice green hue on my skin.

Seriously, it looks like you girls are having the time of your life. What a precious gift to share life with one another.

Good job Tiggie on being beautiful in the garden.

Julie said...

I was quite ready and willing to add my green hues to your January activities .. until you pointed out what the rest of your year's weather is like .. and immediately I felt quite gracious in extending my heartfelt pleasure for the fact that you have January's offerings to enjoy !!!

(I couldn't quite swallow ALL my envy when I looked at your blooming flowers!!)

Ladygrande said...

Don't you just love our February "spring" days!
I love Texas and the variety of weather.