Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seeing the sights; taking you along on the ride...

The other day I was reading a blog that was written by a young woman who was all wound up about how wonderful Canada was.
It touched me to read how passionate she was about her country and all of it's unique beauty.

I'm passionate about where I live too. America is a beautiful country. Texas is an amazingly beautiful and diverse state.

And Houston is...well, Houston is...umm...err..let me think.
Oh yeah, now I remember.
Houston is America's fourth largest city.

You know how most major cities have iconic sights?
Places like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franscisco, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, and the Mary Tyler Moore statue in Minneapolis?
Places that people from all over the globe yearn to visit someday?

Well Houston has those kinds of sights too.
I've been working hard at making sure that I see all of them.
I've learned that life can change on a dime, and if you put off going to see something you may never get to see it at all.

With that in mind, Wednesday afternoon Laura and I switched on my cell phone GPS, jumped in her car and drove 28 miles to see.... this.

(You might want to expand this picture.)
Pretty cool fence, huh?

A screen made from recycled materials.

A lovely patio.

All the materials, all the shingles: Recycled materials.
A particular kind of recycled material.
Can I hear a big AMEN here from all my blog readers out there?
Yes indeed. This is art at it's finest.
No, wait...this is art at it's finest.
Have you figured out where we are yet?
Oh come on...guess!
(Above is a close up of the house's shingle siding. )
Creative, don't you think?
Surely by now you have figured it out.
This wall is a lot like a stained glass window, don't you think?

All those shingles....

All those bottles....

Really, isn't it totally obvious where we are?
OK, Laura will act it out for you.
It took a lot of hard work to finish this house.
Six pack needing kind of work.
And there is still work to be done.

There is still space for more creative expression.

Such neat and careful work.
(The sky above the house as seen through a crepe myrtle tree...gorgeous, no?)

The wind creates lovely music to enjoy here in the patio.

OK, OK...I guess if you haven't guessed where we are by now I should just go ahead and show you the sign.

I just know you are going to slap your forehead and say "Duh...I knew that!"

The Beer Can House! The house that is completely covered with beer cans, and walls built of beer cans and bottles.

39,000 beer cans!


You probably should sign the guest book.
I told you: People travel from all over the globe to see famous sights like this.

Imagine how much money you have saved by visiting the world famous Beer Can House via my blog!
It has been stated that perhaps Mr. John Milkovisch who built this place had actually lost his marbles.

Nope. Plainly he knew exactly where he put all of his marbles.

Can I get another AMEN from all the reader who can now say they have been to the Beer Can House?
Amen and A-MEN!

Nice wall, huh?
Yup, only in Houston Texas.

The house across the street from the Beer Can house is owned by someone who is PROUD to be an American, and PROUD to be in Texas as well.
The Houston Texas downtown skyline.
Lovely, isn't it?
Pretty clouds.
Uncrowded freeways.
So much to see, and so much beauty to be explored around here.
As our city's unofficial motto puts it:
"Houston: It's worth it!"


Laura said...

I hope everyone out there in bloggerland realizes that that is me making a "Beer gut." Best I could do, since I surely don't have a 6-pack set of abs. I swear I really do have a much flatter stomach in real life. Ok, kinda flatter!
And A-MEN!!! (some were X's though, Mom, check it out and maybe fix it today...)

Kate said...

No time to read all this right now but just wanted to let you know that all my emails to you this week have bounced back. Hmmmm!
K Q:-)

Vicki said...

Too funny...Laura's beer belly!

I've never before heard of this place. I appreciate the free trip, courtesy of your blog.

Perhaps I should show this to my son - maybe he'll get an inspiration about his marble collection!

Lovella said...

Good times. Oh Jill, you and Laura could have your own show!!!

Perhaps it would be syndicated. . . a walk around Houston with Laura and Jill.

That would surely save money .. . we'd just tune in and watch you go.

Sara said...

I can see that the two of you like to get a little crazy! What fun....and Laura is young enough to get away with that beer belly photo....if it were me, I'd be wearing big sunglasses as a disguise!

My messages have been bouncing back all week too, but I notice they still get through finally, because you are posting them.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

My fave part of the beer can house is the "Amen" sign, and the wind chimes! Thanks so much for taking me on the tour. SO much cheaper than a flight to Houston!

running wildly said...

Ode to Laura and her beer gut. Brilliant!

And that house is somethin' else. A whole lotta beer drinkin' goin' on.

Kate said...

Soooooooooooooooooo Texas! Soooooooooooooooooo Houston! I finally escaped....whew! Looks like you gals had fun tho' K Q:-0