Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This means war.

Between 2 am and 5 am my Super Wounded Soldier fought the battle against knee pain and my malfunctioning computer.

He entered the fray again at 5 pm today, and it looks like we have regained control of my computer. It took a PC-Cillin Internet Security "House Call" to finally eradicate the virus (cookies that just kept comin') and give me access to Google again.

Why would anyone not want me on Google????


I even love using Google in other languages.
Like this one. (Yup, it really works. Love Elmer Fudd, don't you?)
I'm just sorry I never learned how to read pig latin.

Anyway, everyone out there give a round of applause to darlin' Mr. B!!!!!

(On the other hand, maybe it was Chinese hackers tapping my computer because they were afraid I will go on ebay instead buying Chinese imported stuff? Hard to say. )


Vicki said...

Oh, you're so funny! However, I am very relieved that your computer has been eradicated of that virus.

I love Google, also, especially for their sense of humor. (Make sure you're signed in to see this!

Glorious Hats said...


Lin said...

I just have to tell you about this foreign language website with free lessons--Pig Latin is very definitely included: only one lesson, but 61 slides in living color and beautiful sound.

While you are there, check out the real foreign languages. I think that the lessons are really good in quite a range of languages. I must admit that they don't have Hebrew yet, though.