Saturday, September 22, 2007

Millinery: Autumn images

Glorious Autumn!

The perfect time for feathered hats.

I posted a few autumn themed hats on my side bar for your viewing pleasure. I hope they inspire you!

Several are from the designer Wayne Wichern, he who creates in the Northern California area. I do admire his work; you can see his website here.

He teaches too!

A quote from him:

Q: What (or who) inspires your work? Do you have sources that you go to for "creative recharging"?

WW: Leaves, I have an interesting thing for leaves and other natural things like seedpods, feathers, shells. You can see leaves interpreted in many in my hat trims.

There are only a handful of male milliners; Mr. John Fredrick (aka Mr. John, he who did all the famous hats that you think of when you think of old movie hats), Eric Javits, Frank Olive, Philip Treacy (he does Oprah and the Queen..)

There are probably a few more I should be naming here. I'll add the names as they come to me, and if you know a name of male milliner, be sure to add a comment and let me know.

Last night I pulled out my brown "autumn" hats, and gave them a try on. A new season, new fashion styles and a new hair cut puts a new spin on old hats. Hats that I was indifferent to last autumn now have captured my imagination.

I'll be posting a few of my autumn hats over the next weeks. Isn't it fun to find an old item in your closet that suddenly just is the perfect thing?

Happy Sunday everyone!

(Above: Gena Conti design. Sigh. She is just soooo wonderful!)


Lovella said...

Oh nice fall deocr. I really like the new colors. The first hat pictures in the art is just beautiful and of course I was also drawn to the sidebar hat with the leaves.
I can't wait to see your autumn hat collection.

Kate said...

Wouldn't you just love to watch Wayne Wichern make a few of those leaves? Inpirational! Thanks,
K Q:-)

Ladygrande said...

I love fall hats! I have four hats in varying shades of orange. Need to start sewing to make somethings to wear with them!


Miss Janey said...

Great to check out another hat blogger. Lovely hats and great job.