Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gray is the new black, and the new skin tone too.

You heard it here first:

The Houston Chronicle today announced that "gray is the new black."

I'm OK with that; I actually have started liking gray after a life time of avoiding the color as being too drab to go with my pale coloring.

But then the Chronicle went a step further:

"Customers are concerned gray might not go with their skin tone, but it's very easy to wear," said Charlie Flora, manager of Club Monaco in the Galleria. "It's not a flat gray. It's everything from a business gray to a mineral or makeup gray."

Make up gray???


I mean, I totally get the appeal of the Tin Woodsman in the fabulous movie "The Wizard of Oz," and the clever use of gray for make up in the movie "Pleasantville."

And I have found that an otherwise unflattering color picture of myself takes on a more agreeable charm when viewed in a black, white, and shades of gray.

But gray make up?

Where would you even go to buy such a thing? A goth shop? I secretly like some of the more romantic Goths, but even they don't wear gray make up.

Just to try this's how the idea of gray make up would play out:

Not sure which is better in real life (hAR! Wouldn't that gray make up look be a hoot at reference desk tonight?)
I do like the pheasant feather that is on the hat that I got a few weeks ago.
Another five buck ebay wonder.
A long pheasant tail feather with a pheasant feather pad in front of it.
That's easy enough to do; most crafts stores carry both of those item.
Just thought I'd share for anyone wanting to add a pheasant feather or two to a hat that is hanging around the house needing a new look for fall.


Kate said...

Perhaps they mean grey eye shadow? I never thought of the Houston Chronicle being much of an arbiter of fashion but I AM seeing a lot of grey and black here too. In fact, just finished a pair of Fall pants with grey Bischoff wool/lace. Must get my camera out again.

Love the pheasant touch for Fall. You can also often find them in Home Dec departments of stores as decoraters like to display vases full of them. Hobby Lobby carries them in their floral department.
K Q:-)

Lovella said...

Oddly, I bought a grey top this last weekend. I never buy grey but I bought it and with red lipstick I do feel alive.
I think I'll stick to my regular makeup, I already look pathetic in winter with the summer blush has dissapeared.
Your pheasant feather is beautiful. When we were on our last hike I kept my eye open for feathers since there were so many birds but other than a few little ones I didn't have much luck.
Ebay seems much easier. Our dollar hit par with yours today and so shopping will be even more fun.

Laura said...

I actually get quite a few complemets when I wear grey eye shadow. Never would have though, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

mom is now looking at the shades of gray....

Ladygrande said...

Well, I'm in with the grey! Silver! Silver and black are my favorite colors. And my hair is almost there - silver that is!