Friday, August 03, 2007

Oregon in my mind

Some places never let you leave.
Those places that were the scene of pleasant moments may be treasured forever in your mind.
Those are the places that the mind holds dear, and allows you to revisit again at will.

Places like that become part of an equations:

Time + Place/People/Actions = Memories, either good or bad.

It is a formula that can only be used once.
It is a formula that can never be repeated.
You can go to the same place, with the same people, and do the same actions, but it will never be quite the same.
It is the ingredient of that particular time that will always be missing.

Fellow blogger Dawn wrote yesterday: "Where did the time go?"

And I thought:
Time became memories and the memories became pictures that somehow folded up so neatly that they all could be stored in one's mind. Time became history, and each moment has been exactingly saved for us to see again at a seat of judgement in heaven.
Time for me becomes images that I capture via my camera, my words, my writings and occasionally my brush strokes, to be enjoyed again, and shared with others.

My question is not where did time go, but where did time come from?
Why have I been given fifty three years of time, yet others had but three hours, or four months, or twenty one years of time?

Why did some particles of time arrive with parcels of pleasure, while other passages brought injury and sorry?

I wonder why I consider time at all, knowing I am an eternal being.

Yet I number my days, and hope that the days will prove to be time well spent and pleasing to the One who gave them.


Lovella said...

Beautiful script and the picture. . .just beautiful.

Becky said...

How come Lovella always beats me at writing what is on my mind? Where does she get the time? Oh, that's a question for God, not you. Sorry.
Equsitively worded post, Jill.
I have always considered time one of the great gifts God has given us. Time to repent, time to remember, time to create new adventures, time to make new friends, time to love again. I too love the topic of time. And when time is no more, will we even notice?

Sara said...

Your painting is beautiful, I love your style.
The question of time is always fascinating...

Julie said...

Thoughtful musing, Jill... well expressed! important in this life and not at all in the next!!