Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Country folk, city folk

I sure like having my Mr. B. back home. He was gone the last four days on a business trip, with a stop over in SLC to see son Jeff. Apparently Jeff is getting to be almost as good as a golfer as B., but on this trip, B. is still undefeated on the links.
From there B. headed over to Las Vegas, which seems to be popular destination these days. Both daughter LauraRN and Running Wildly have blogged about the LV adventures. B. was there on business however, and was glad to get home, even if it meant flying in at 1:30 in the morning, at which time all the trams and carts are no longer running. That meant he had to hoof it with his carry on luggage and laptop for a 3/4 of a mile to reach the terminal attached to the parking garage where his car was parked. Urk.

I stayed up till 1:30 sewing, waiting for him, but finally gave up and went to bed a half hour before he came home. Tiggie followed him into bed, and purred so loudly and with so much enthusiasm that the bed vibrated like those old fashioned motel beds used to, the kind you paid a quarter and buzzed away on, supposedly to relieve the tensions of travel. Truth was, in my family, it was a feature used mostly to entertain the kids.

Good job, Tiggie! The kibbles will be served a the usual time and place in the morning as your reward.

I couldn't wait to take B. into the woods to visit the spiders. We rode our bikes this time, and B. didn't hesitate to step off the path to get up close to one of the SEVENTY TWO spiders that we saw!

The spiders are really growing on me. The female spins the web, and generally sits patiently to snare a bug, and then wrap it up for dinner.
Mr. Spider is usually somewhere around the web, sometimes facing Mrs. Spider, like they are chatting, and other times he is just above Mrs. Spider on the web, around the 1:00 position.

The spider domesticity reminds me of so many couples I know; the husband out in the field area, while the wife is in the center of the home, preparing the meals, while the hubby drops inside for meals and snacks.

Remind you of any couple you know?

But of course, even though B. and I saw 72 rural dwelling spider couples on our walk, wouldn't you know it, there is always one crazy couple that wants to be different.

You know them too...the ones that love any thing to do with cars, and even enjoy NASCAR?

"Darn! I almost got the car...I just missed it by an inch!"

"Maybe if I move our web over here..."
"Or I could split the difference, see if I can nab them coming in either direction."

"Well, if you are tired of having cars for dinner, what about an airplane then?"

(By the way, the zigzag in the middle of the web is just part of their natural web design. That is why they are also called writing spider or St. Andrew's Cross Spider. They consistently hang their webs about 10 feet off the ground. Except this couple. I now drive to work a different way. I don't think Mrs. Spider could take down my Toyoto 4Runner, but why take chances?)


Ladygrande said...

Welcome home, B.

Jill, you could publish this blog as an introduction to the wildlife of Kingwood. All those lovely pictures would intrigue the kids (and adults). A lot of kids won't get up that close and personal.

Julie said...

Amazing... I told Vic about your huge Texas spiders and he didn't believe me!! He thought it was the "Texas version!" of a story.

But I am feeling a little suspicious that there has been a little manipulation done here on today's lovely photos?? If only I could read the writing on the wall..I mean web!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Well, my imagination has been stretch to Texas size...but to keep me honest, I did post the picture of the sign with Mrs. Spider right there next to the post, to give you some persective on the size. I spotted this spider while I was driving! That's one big spider.
It is fun what can be done with camera angles though.

Lovella said...

well they do say that everything is bigger in Texas. (that's what they say up here anyway)

Cristina said...

Could it be you're getting to like the spiders because the web reminds you of an intricate veil? ;-)
Hehehe... but don't trying putting one on a hat!

Otis & Indee said...

how come Tiggie's not posing ready to pounce?