Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Millinery: New Milliner in link land

In case you didn't read Blogger Buzz yesterday, Blogger has rolled out a new feature called Profile Browser. You click your own profile (or maybe anyone, I haven't tested that idea yet) and then you click on any listed interest and it will give you the list of all the other blogs that have that interest listed.

I swear that feature used to be available way back in blogger beta days, but whatever...I'm just glad the feature is back.

Of course I immediately clicked on my interest "millinery" and up popped 18 links. Later I added hats, hat making, hat makers to my profile to try to find others who share my my interest in hats.

Those who had the specific word "millinery" knew what they were about. The other words led to some very strange folk, including one gentleman who is attempting to become a hat. As of yesterday, he has only had success becoming a cat. A very nice looking cat by the way, but becoming a nice looking cat nevertheless is not a substitute for becoming a hat.

I wish him well in his endeavors.

Of the 18 millinery interested blogs, only one was "Sisterhood of the Hoods" worthy. I've add "Glorious Hats" to my link list, with the blog owners approval, and encourage you to check out her post about another blog which posted a pattern on how to make a really sweet cut and sew hat. Oh so much fun!

I want to dash downtown to get some great men's suiting fabric and whip up one of these hats! Or maybe get two souvenir tee shirt, and make one into a hat to go with the other tee shirt.

Once I got playing around in my head with this pattern, the more excited I got.

If if that wasn't enough to keep my brain spinning creatively, I also researched veils and netting, and discovered that birdcage veils are the HOTTEST thing going. Reese Witherspoon wore one in the movie Sweet Home Alabama (it is also hot, as in warm, there in Alabama; wearing a full veil outside would probably kill the bride.) The new movie with the silver surfer also features a birdcage veiled bride.

The veil I created last week was of course a birdcage style. Most birdcage style veils that are available are actually just a little flower or bit of fluff with a veil covering the front of the face. But I did find two variations that got me very excited.

One was using the palest blue extremely delicate veil with white flowers on top. It just looked so fresh with the white gown! Like a grown up version of "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. I regret I can't find that picture again! If I do I'll post it, but I think you can imagine it.
(Update: I did find another example...here.)

The second was using a nude or skin tone VERY fine veil with soft white floral. So sophisticated, vaguely sensual, totally beautiful.

There are few places that offer veils other than the heavy Russian and plain English or French. Whenever a wispy veil bolt is found in someone's attic, usually the veil just crumbles. Give me a gazillion dollars and I promise I will spend some of it founding a company to make those wonderful old veil styles, sort of like there are now companies that will recreate vintage wall paper and mouldings and such.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these bits of lovely (from Leah C. Couture) and have a creative day!

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Lovella said...

what a fun excersice to see who does and enjoys what you do. Perhaps, I'll give mine a whirl too, now I wish my blog had a clearer focus. It'll be fun regardless.

Those hats are so pretty, the veiling is so alluring.