Friday, August 17, 2007

Canada Advemture: Day 2 August 17

We're still working on getting my pictures...if I had them I would be showing you the beautiful guest room that Lovella prepared for me, with the most comfortable bed and sweet touches. I'll save sharing the details until you can actually see the pictures!
Anyway, that was the room I woke up in this morning after a great night sleep. Lovella whipped up some blueberry and berry scones, delicious!

I hadn't had a chance to meet Indee the night before, she was kenneled while Terry and Lovella came to get me at the airport. This morning she was out and about, so I stepped outside to gree her.
She took one look, growled questioningly, then ran away to find Terry.
Great little guard dog!
Not to worry...I was planning on bribing a friendship with the hounds anyway.
Doggie lollipops ought to be just the ticket to the hound's heart.

Indee was completely unsure about looked good, it smelled good, but...
She kept running back to between Terry's feet.

Otis stepped right up.
Glup, gulp.
It took a few minutes of chewing, and we had two happy dogs!

After that little get aquainted session, Terry headed out to the barns, and Lovella and I had a hat trying on session with the 30 hats I had brought with me, including a few that were designated for her to own if she liked them.
She did like them!
She is such a HFP person.
(Hat Friendly Profile)

Then we headed out for a grand tour of downtown Abbotsford.
Pictures, hopefully, coming soon...
And as stop at a hat shop
(see Lovella's blog)
and Tea!
The day is not over yet, but I thought I will just post while there was a break in the action.
And by the by...the weather is warm and lovely.
What fun!
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Julie said...

Hi Jill, how weird to comment on your 'Texan' blog when I know you are HERE in B.C.
Welcome !!! Welcome!!! until I can say so in person!!

30 hats? Did they question your 'trunk' going through customs? Or ask where you were going that you would need to wear 30 different hats??? LOL

Sara said...

As I said to Lovella, it's great to see the two of you having such a great visit. And thanks for sharing the fun with the rest of us.

So glad you got there safely, despite the storm and the delays...

heidi said...

i'm thrilled to be a link in the chain that brought you two together and am so happy that you're enjoying your stay in my hometown. the clayburn village tea shop is always on the itinerary when i visit :)