Saturday, August 11, 2007

Early morning whirlwind, and Jane.

Five a.m., Bush International Airport, Houston Texas.
We seem to have a habit of going to the airport in the wee hours whenever visiting family members are leaving.
We just want to squeeze in every minute of time together possible.
So this morning we took Laura to the airport in the dark so she could fly back to Denver, pick up her car and drive to Salt Lake City for her next assignment. She'll be working at the University of Utah Medical Center, and living with her brother Jeff for three months. They have not lived under the same roof for over ten years; a lot of growing up has been going on since then so this will be a chance to for them to get to know each other again as grown up professional people.
Pretty cool.
I mentioned that we were planning on seeing the movie "Becoming Jane" the story of Jane Austen.
We did make it to see the movie yesterday afternoon.
Bernie requested a knife to stab himself midway through the film. Better a painful death than to suffer another moment of the film.
Laura groaned that it was soooo boring!
I complained that the costuming seemed to be sewn up by jr. high school students.
"Jane" is played by Anne Hathaway, she with just a tad too much winsomeness in her toothy smiles.
Mrs. Austen was played by the actress who played Mrs. Weasly in the Harry Potter movies.
Mrs. Weasly chewing out Jane Austen....weird.
Jane's love/lust interests was quite good, however there was another suitor with money and a solid temperament that Laura thought actually had more going for him than Mr. Love Interest.
(I can't even remember what his name was!)
The other suitor's aunt was played by another Harry Potter actress.
So confusing!
Bernie nailed it when he noted that the movie had THREE directors/producers, and apparently each of them had a different take on how the movie should come together.
You know the expression "Too many cooks spoil the broth?"
Spoiled indeed.
I do wish I knew a fellow novelist/Austen fan/movie critic so I could to discuss the highs and lows of the movie. Maybe someone out there will see it too and post a nice in depth review.
We had great Thai food for dinner after the movie.
Jane Austen and Thai food.
That makes about as much sense as anything else did in the movie!
Congrats go to Sara for correctly identifying yesterday's picture of fried food.
(The hint was that I didn't want to jar you...)
The food was Fried Pickles.
Get it?
Pickle Jar?
One deep fried dill pickle dipped in Ranch dressing is quite tasty.
Three is too many.
A few years back when we first moved to Houston I actually ordered a side dish of Deep Fried Sauerkraut.
One Deep Fried Sauerkraut ball is exactly one too many.
My stomach is bunching up again just thinking about that one sample.
What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten that was deep fried?
Have you seen "Becoming Jane"?
What did you think about it?
Tell me all about it!

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Sara said...

I haven't seen "Becoming Jane" and think I will save myself the agony, based on your review. I wondered about that one...looked a little too unlike Jane Austen to me, maybe too "Hollywood." I hope none of those 3 directors was British...

Sadly, I'm not enough of a Jane Austen officionado to have an intelligent conversation with you. I just know I loved the movies and PBS productions, which I tend to get confused in my mind...and I did recently read "Lady Susan" -what a hoot!