Friday, August 10, 2007

Ahhh...a ho-hum Friday!

Ahhh...a nice "ho-hum" Friday!

Some random shots: The temperature is finally soaring to typical Texas levels of high 90's; the fountain picture was shot down by the bride's office in southwest Houston. Funny thing about fountains; I always think they are beautiful, but they always actually make me feel hotter when I see them in hot weather. I'm thinking I am going to make a point to take more pictures of all the Houston fountains. There are some really terrific ones and I think they would make a great blog post!

The fried food was ordered by B. last night at "The Black-eyed Pea" restaurant. It was an appetizer. Can you guess what it was?
Hint: I don't want to jar you, but you probably have some of this food in your own home, and have just never thought of frying it.
In Texas EVERYTHING can and will be fried.

Lastly: My new Mary Jane Crocs! Hurray! Nurses swear by these ugly things, and Laura says they are the only shoes that you can wear for a 12 hour shift and still have feet that feel great. I decided last spring to try them, and decided I wanted the sea foam colored ones. Of course NO ONE seemed to ever have the sea foam colored ones in my size. Laura finally spotted a pair and got them for me. So far I really like them, and am surprised to find that I don't kick them off. My whole family kicks off shoes everywhere they go. Our kid's candid pictures at school included pictures of teachers putting their shoes back on. I routinely round up my shoes from everywhere, under the desk, under the kitchen table, beside the bed, next to the bathtub, by the back door, on the passenger side of the is really frustrating to be getting ready to go somewhere and the shoes I want to wear are not in my closet so I have to go on a hunt to find them.

I think most people who grew up anytime after 1960 in San Diego have shoe wearing issues. The velvet thong sandals came in about then, and schools allowed us to wear them, so bye-bye shoes. I also suspect that about the same time the shoe industry decided to go with a "One Size Fits All" philosophy: Everyone who wants to wear shoes will need to have a medium width foot, and preferably wear no size larger than 8. At size 9 Narrow, shoes shopping for me is more like visiting an art museum.

For whatever reason, I wore my Crocs yesterday all day and took them off only to go to bed. Wonder if I can bring myself to wear them with socks when it gets colder? Wonder if everyone in the universe could be struck Croc blind so they won't see that and think I look like a geek. Wonder if I won't care if they do?

If the hat is impressive enough, no one will notice my feet! Bring on the hats!

After a week of projects and creativity I'm kicking back today with daughter LauraRN, who is concluding a two week birthday celebration whirlwind tour of seven states: she started in Colorado, then she went to Nevada, ,Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and will end up in Utah on Sunday. The tour made her "Visited States" count now stand at 49. She'll visit Kentucky later and wrap up her project to visit all 50 states before she hits age 30 with months to spare.

She's only in H-town with us for less than 48 hours, so we are kicking back and catching some flicks. We started with the movie of her jumping out of an airplane on her actual 29th birthday, then we watched movies of her friend's new kitten and another friend's baby (Paige is ADORABLE!), and we watched Laws of Attractions on DVD, especially enjoying the Ireland parts. "I was there!" she kept exclaiming.
Later today we will either see "Becoming Jane" or "Hairspray" (at a sing-a-long showing), or possibly something else.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend too, and remember, stay cool out there!
And wear a hat!


Heather Outside Boston said...

Are the fried things zucchini? We discovered these at restaurants and now when our crop comes on I always pick some small ones to fry up for us at home. It's still considered a vegetable, right?

Kate said...

Last year people laughed here at Jazz in her Crocs. This year they are EVERYWHERE. Tho' I have a large shoe collection I find myself wearing my Belgian clogs most of the time when I have a lot of walking to do. Great support and comfortable. Do Crocs have arch support?

Off to Barcelona to meet Claremarie this weekend. You gals enjoy! K Q:-)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Nope, not fried zucchini, although that is a delicious treat this time of year. Keep guessing!

Ladygrande said...

Fried Green Tomatoes, I bet. I love 'em.

You girls have a great time together! Laura, come back soon.

Lovella said...

ummmm . .. deep fried . . .ummmm...cucumber . no . .just a minute, . . I'll go look in my fridge . . .I'm back. . .not much in there since I just got home . . .oh, bother, I'll say . .(what is the prize anyways?) . .ok. .deep fried turnip . .phewf.

Love the crocs, I wore mine all week. Not so good for hiking mind you, but oh so comfy.

Ps. . .say hi to your sweet pea.(meaning Laura)

Sara said...

I'm guessing those are fried pickles. I've heard of them, but, no thanks! The shapes look suspiciously like pickle slices to me. If they are pickles, have you tried them, and, are the worth the extra fat???? (For example, it is my firm belief that real whipped cream IS worth it!)

I totally empathize with your shoe search problems. 10-1/2 medium is probably just as impossible to find as 9 narrow. I end up trying to find 10 wides that work, or have to slosh about in 11's. Can't believe I'm admitting this on the Internet.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

And a big high five to Sara for correctly guessing fried pickles.
I think one slice dipped in ranch dressing about once a year is just great. Other wise...pass.

Lovella said...

I did mention cucumber . .truly I was on the right path, so to speak.

deep fried Pickled cucumber, really what a odd yet somehow curiously interesting taste bud concoction.

Sara said...

Yes, Lovella's guess was REALLY close...

...the taste combination seems a little TOO curiously interesting if you ask me (not that anybody did as me!) Wish I could remember where I saw fried pickles on the menu. I do remember they were also offering deep fried SNICKERS BARS! Hard to believe!

Maybe it was at the Dallas airport when we were on our way to a Louisiana wedding in May....

Gotta Garden said...

Fried Pickles! How dull my life has been! Do the fountains blog!

Love the Crocs! I must get out more as I haven't seen such stylish ones! I wear mine (plain ones) all the time...just blue and some sort of basic tan color ones...hmmm, I think I should become more daring and find some in a wild color of some sort!

Half my family does the shoe daughter and son and I seem to keep ours on our feet...having said that, I note three pairs (pair?) of gardening shoes (mine) by the front door, so I must have selective memory.

My daughter and I went to see Hairspray and this one lady noted (out loud) that there were only two men in the whole theatre! We all had a good laugh about that!

Your hats are gorgeous...that bridal one is a work of art!! Look at all these talents you have!