Friday, July 27, 2007

More garden visitors

After weeks of rain, we finally had a dry day, and Tiggie went out to observe the garden.

The coleus is growing fast, and the colors are just gorgeous.
Looking out at the scene, it is hard to remember that cats do not see color.
Tiggie sat and sat there for the longest time.
It took me a few minutes, but it finally dawned on me:
Tiggie was posing.
So of course I went and got the camera right away to capture the colorful scene.
You are right Tiggie; it really is a perfect backdrop for a picture of a faithful orange cat.

That night, both boys were pacing around the back door, stretching their noses to leave nose prints on the glass. I finally got up to check out what the big deal was.
It was a frog, clinging to the french door's glass pane.
No wonder the boys were so excited!

Froggie apparently believes he should just come as he is when dropping by for a visit.

Love those googly eyes!

Froggie sure is tiny.
It has been raining so much here lately, and has been so warm and humid that Bernie says outside smells like a frog's underarm.
I guess I should of at least tried to see if that was an accurate statement; personally I have never sniffed a frog's arm pit.
But it wouldn't surprise me to learn that somewhere along the line there was group of little boys with a frog and a little time on their hands....

I'm just sucker for any lime green critter: Anole lizards, tiny grass snakes, insects, tropical birds, fish, turtles, and frogs.
I wonder if there is any other species that I am leaving out.

After I took his close-up, Froggie hopped over to the window screen.

Hey, where'd the frog go?
He was here, just a minute ago...what happened????


Julie said...

A fun post, Jill...I laughed!
Love your beautiful coleus, and Tiggi obviously knew he was posing- it was just tooo perfect!! You SURE he can't see colour?? Don't know if I have thought about it.....
Curious me just went to check...and apparently cats are like color-blind people...they see some colors..interesting!!

And I love your little green froggy. He was sooo cute!

PS. Jill, your comment on my post about adults becoming 'blind' as per losing the faith sight they had as children is soooo true...loved your insight!!!

Lovella said...

Love the lushness of your garden. I can't feel the humidity so I just pretend I'm in Mexico and look at your pictures.

OK, this is really funny, you won't believe this but today I was outside taking pictures of my frogs. I wasn't sure when I would post them, but I will tomorrow now just so we can be twinsies. How fun.
I didn't know cats are color blind. He looks like he's a healthy weight. Hart didn't feel like posing again today eh?

Lovella said...

Oh I just saw Hart. Missed him before. No offence Hart.

Is that a New Guinea Impatience looking so lush outside your door? I just can't get over the lushness.
Your hometown was featured on CNN this morning with a tower cam. It felt quite nice to look at what your clouds are looking like this morning.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Yes, those are impatients. They do really well here, and come back faithfully each spring. The clouds were pretty this morning, glad you could take an electronic peek.
I've got to get around to posting a video of the garden so you can hear all the birds; I do love listening to cardinals going cheer cheer cheer and carolina wrens going tea kettle tea kettle tea kettle.