Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More fun at the library

From email:

DS (discussion item) – Library Marketing – counseling poster -

Campus Counseling has recently unveiled a poster campaign that we could imitate: “Why go to the Library?” followed by a list of reasons that would appeal to the students.

I thought about it for a minute and came up with these items to help draw students to the library. Lots of students already come for these reasons, I think it is time we go ahead and put the facts into a poster so everyone will know.

“Why go to the Library?”

To borrow pencil/pen
To have Librarian do your citation work
To check email
To scan pictures to email home
To catch up on Myspace
To eat
To sleep
To have sex

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah…now I remember:

9. To talk on the phone

Work emails are usually dry little things. Ever so often though, a humdinger makes it through.

Like this one for instance:

From: Comstone
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2007 4:41 PM
Subject: Food in the library

Something needs to be done about all these visitors eating in the library. I realize that the library is supposed to be open to the public, but the public is coming in with a complete disregard for the learning environment. I'm sitting here right now while a non-student (it's obvious) has come in and is eating an apple -- an apple -- while others are trying to study.

Signs, verbal messages as visitors enter, Storm Troopers, something.

From: Jill
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 1:56

Subject: Food in the library

I think that is awful. If we just could get a nice collection of condiments on lazy susans in each work area, the students wouldn’t have to be reduced to just crunching apples while they study. Remember, we are here to serve the student’s needs.
If we have a nice selection of condiments to choose from, student might start bringing in fabulous entrees, and perhaps even be willing to share.
Let’s form a committee to decide what kinds of condiments should be included, and get a consensus on how hot the hot sauce ought to be.

Another thought would be to have the library and food service do a joint venture….a few books in the cafeteria, and few steam tables in the library. We already have a microwave in the back, wouldn’t a steam table be nice too?


And maybe just for effect also run video tapes of “Hell’s Kitchen” or maybe Food TV ?

As I type this, two Spanish speaking ladies are sitting in chairs next to our large floor model beach ball sized lighted globe, beaming as they look at the world together, not saying a word.

Vicarious vacation? About to magically transport? Like feeling God-like??

I had to know.

Turns out they were looking at the globe to see where their relative currently was, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ah. Now I get it.

Just looking at the place on the globe where she is makes them feel closer to her.

Now more relatives have arrived, including a child who has decided that pounding on the lighted globe is fun.

If there is a huge earthquake and tidal wave in the Mediterranean Sea tonight, I am so gonna freak out.


Lovella said...

slow night at the library eh? Good times.
I was thinking that opening a cold stone creamery miight be nice for the after dinner crowd. If you would situate the cold stone right next to the lighted globe you could make it a tourist attraction, oh but then you would be back to the problem of non students.
Ice cream is a lot quieter than apples. Just don't put any crispy crunch on the list of additonal treats.

Demara said...

Haha you are so funny Jill!!! That's crazy. Some people hey?

Sex in the library, though? How does that work? Do you have secret closets I don't know about? Or perhaps you have REALLY LARGE Hardcovers standing up somewhere that make a great sex Narnia?!

Hmmm...sounds like you have quite the interesting patrons. Hot sauce? Now that's a great idea! *smile*

Julie said...

You did forget one itea on your list of what to do in the library.... "Read books" haha - novel idea for the modern crowd?

Loved your e-mails and the ladies staring at the globe to feel close to their loved one!! I've heard of the expression "its a small world" but that gives the expression a whole new literal twist!! smile