Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Millinery: A "Jill" for Gail

My signature hat is a Glengarry style cap. I'm not really sure when I decided I wanted a cap in that shape, maybe it was after seeing them in drawings of Civil War era ladies, or in 1940's fashion books. Or maybe it was a cover story on Madonna. She wore one a few years back.

I tend to wear this style hat all winter, both for dressy events, and jeans and sweater events. Since there is no brim, it is a cap that works all day and in all situations.

While I was in Colorado I had my friend Gail try on some of my hats. I had a hat in this fabric with pink rhinestones and more pink buttons with me on the trip. You can see that one in my August posting entitled Daughters.

The fabric in my hat was almost a perfect match for Gail's prized woven shawl wrap. The shawl is just beautiful, a soft wool that has a lot of loft, and lovely shades of purples and blues.

So since her birthday is this coming Sunday, of course I had to make a hat for her too. This time without the pink tones though.
I've made about fourteen of these hats, in lots of different fabrics . My favorite thing to do with the pattern is to make up the hat in someone's tartan. I've done a Stewart, McIntyre, and McQueen to date.

And I love trimming the simple pattern. My vintage button collection finally gets to come out and play. I also love making a Mother/Daughter set. It is just amazing made up in velvet, and ruched, or fur.

The pattern, "Jill", is for intermediate level sewing, (due to curves), and is available in the pattern section of Judith M.

I've shipped the hat off to Gail. She should get it on Friday, so mum's the word till then!

Update: She peeked.

Gail's comment posted back on my 100th posting:

What a surprise! You've made me a hat! How delightful! I can hardly wait to wear it with my special shawl. Jill you're such a thoughtful friend. I'm feeling a little lonely being the only one in my house now. Tonight is the first time I've really felt like that. Checking out your blog has lifted my spirits! Scott, Elizabeth and I are going to Calif for Christmas - will you be going west in Dec? Bye for now.

Gail NEVER reads my blog...until last night. Wouldn't you just know it? That will teach me a lesson.

Oh well, at least I was caught saying something nice!
And yes, I think we will be doing Christmas out west. See you in San Diego in three months. Be sure to wear your hat!Posted by Picasa

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Marie said...

As usual, a perfect chapeau! Thanks for sharing......