Sunday, September 24, 2006

Millinery: Fall straw hat, and chocolate

Fashion etiquette advises that felt hats be worn in Fall and Winter, and straw hats be worn in Spring and Summer.

This is highly practical: Felt keeps you warm, straw lets breezes in to keep you cool.

But when you live in an area where it is 90+ degrees seven months a year, practicality trumps etiquette.

That is to say, even though Fall is here, I can still sorely need a straw hat.

Yesterday I was to attend an evening wedding, beginning at 5, and with temperatures predicted in the 90's (feeling like 102 degrees with the humidity.)

I wanted to wear a hat, and I wanted to wear brown, as the color scheme of the wedding was to be chocolate. Yummy!

I had created this hat a few months back, with just the veiling and organdy and pearl rosettes as trim. It was simply blah. I never wore it.

By quickly adding brown wooden beads, two pheasant feathers and a turkey feather (from a wild turkey called and shot by Dad, of course, who else?) I quickly created a cool yet autumnal chapeaux.

(Note: The turkey was delicious by the way, wild turkey tastes far better that store-bought Butterballs.)

Off I went to the wedding, wearing both hat and gloves, only to find I was the only one at the wedding in either a hat or gloves. I would be deceitful if I said I was surprise by that.

Oh well.

Thankfully the wedding was moved inside, and the ceremony was preformed under blessed air-conditioning.

The reception was the best one I had ever attended. Such joy and dancing, great food, and fine celebration.

A delight to see Mr. C. M. Y. and Miss D. J. J. become Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Y.

Mazel Tov!
PS: And while the wedding colors were chocolate and peach, I personally am swearing off chocolate except as a visual color treat. Oh that picture. The diet begins....

PSS: I love how chocolate bridesmaids gowns look at weddings. Lovely next to the bridal eggshell or white gown. Curiously, four for four of the wedding I know of over a six month span will have this color scheme.

Now I am curious.

What will the rage in wedding colors be by this time next year?
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Marie said...

As usual....sheer genius! And lovely redesign. Hats and gloves should be on the comeback trail! You look fab!


Anonymous said...

hey mom, how long did it take to make that one? and did the kitties help? just wondering. my friend wanted to know about the time, i wondered about the kitties. but i love the hat.