Friday, August 15, 2014

Utah Worship 2014

Last Sunday the 10th Annual Utah Worship festival was held on the lawn of Utah's state Capitol.
I want to say how blessed I am by how Utah totally "gets" Freedom of Religion, so much that Christians are annually welcomed to come and worship right there on there on State government property! Fie on other cities and states who try to forbid any religion from their courthouses and government buildings!

Churches in attendance at the festival were encouraged to shout out their names at one point. I would say about twenty churches were represented from the Salt Lake area.  Three area church bands performed, including my own church's band.
While we sang with the bands on the balmy late summer evening I was so grateful to have this freedom, and so heavy in my heart over the persecuted Christian around the world who would face execution for openly worship as we were doing.  Someday in heaven we will sing with these modern day martyrs. For now I say with them: 
"Come Quickly Lord!"


Pondside said...

We have the same issues with public spaces here in Canada, where we often descend into the ridiculous, with bans on creches and Christmas trees (as too religious) at Christmas time. What a wonderful event that must have been at the State Capitol.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow...most amazing that Christian gatherings are hosted at the State Capitol. In B.C., we had a city ban the gathering of Christian groups in publicly owned facilities this summer. They were forced to rescind their decision after a huge outcry...but it seems religious freedom is far from 'alive and well' over here.

ellen b. said...

A nice tradition to see!

Rosella said...

Such a wonderful and uplifting kind of gathering on a Summer's Day! Thanks for sharing this event Jill! We are all truly blessed.

Sara said...

That's great. Yes, there are definite perks to living in Utah.